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shadowhound 03-10-15 05:49 PM

my little story
Hey guys so i was at a bad place a while back and i thought i would share my story with you guys and see if i can give anyone any help haha.

if you met me you would think im bonkers in a good way because i am always happy but i don't like to make people down with my stuff as thats mine no one elses now. let me start from the start ish lol

cars help me though bad things if i have some problems to work on i go and play with a car engine, either take things apart or spray the inside or something like that and it helps me and i love it if truth be told my dream job would be stripping cars in a scrap yard haha but you can't enjoy a job if its no fun :P

cats XD, this may sound strange but 6 year ago i used to hate cats because i was brought up believing cats were horrible but now i bought my gf a cat because i fell in love with her first one and i wanted one to own but could never have one in my house so bought one for her house and truth is i love the little dude :D he is adorable :D

weed. let me explain this one to you guys i have never smoked cigs for the sake of smoking them infact i hate tobacco it just don't agree with me so i smoke just a bit of pure weed every 6 - 12 month as little bits are nice i could never be high 24/7

plants lol. this is bizarre. I never do any gardening what so ever so one day my friend gave me a plant and i killed it lol. its as basic as that lmao XD. so i started to look into how to grow plants and truth is the knowledge i gained so amazing but if i started talking to someone about growing any kinds of plants they would get the wrong idea and i would be locked away haha. but truth is you get a big sense of achievement from seeing something grow from a seed. you can train them and make them do what you want lmao XD.

that is my happyness in a nutshell :) i would say women and other stuff but i do work and i am happy with life i don't like things to be over complicated i just love making things work and make my feel at ease with everything :)

hottea654 03-13-15 12:59 AM

Thanks for the share! :hug:

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