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sherrycat 03-10-15 12:40 AM

Having a pet is very therapeutic
my cat spooky (edythe ) sensed my emotions she's on my bed saving myself from my hurt and insanity

sherrycat 03-10-15 06:16 AM

my cat got scared after I woke up screaming

sherrycat 03-10-15 06:36 AM

im so happy spooky came back in my room I know she wont abandon me

Aries 03-10-15 07:42 AM

sherrycat~Animal's are very intuitive when it comes to there "pet's" emotions.:biggrin: I used to have a dog & he always sensed when I just needed some comfort. He would never leave my side, until he knew I was feeling better. Animal's have been also known, to sense heart attacks, siezures, or other serious health conditions. They're the best to have, because they're always so unconditional with their love for us. Glad Spooky's there for you!:biggrin:

iNdulge 03-10-15 04:51 PM

I believe animals are nice to work with, but to have at home, they would just drive me mental. Having Depression, & dealing with their little quirks on the job (for me) -(their life) makes me smile & more at ease.

One of the animals I work with, can sense when I am having a difficult time, & she will come & give me kisses and get close to me.

Statistically, it is said that animals can extend one's life too. & most of the time people with pets, are more so, easy going, having more patience. The act of "petting" is calming.

However when I was in a severe state of Depression, having animals was a true burden, as I tended to neglect them. It really depends on the individual.

I miss my cats.

sherrycat 03-10-15 10:03 PM

thank you

sherrycat 03-10-15 11:52 PM

spookarella is so sweet

thelostwolf 03-11-15 12:15 AM

A pet may be what I need. I love chinchillas

thelostwolf 03-11-15 12:16 AM

Your cat sounds awesome

sherrycat 03-11-15 01:24 AM

yes she is

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