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Juno 02-19-18 08:46 PM

My sink is my armchair, my vertebrae are misaligned thanks to the faucet.

Juno 02-19-18 08:48 PM

Has anyone been to Beulah, ND on July 7th, 1947?

surfcaster 02-21-18 04:55 PM

i'll have 9 jack and cokes hold the coke,
6 shots of tequila
2 shots of Bacardi 151
and a 30 pack of sam adams,
i just need a little drink to calm down

Ghostnyourmidst 02-22-18 12:38 PM

It's been awhile since I've been in here.

HHMMM..............I thought everyone would know my name...or is that a different bar. :confused:

midnightphoenix 02-23-18 11:10 AM


I've got too much crap going on, can't deal with it all :frown:

Road Ratt 05-13-19 07:40 PM

Pulls up a chair and has a look around the place.

Road Ratt 05-25-19 08:42 AM

Puts on some AC/DC. Sits patiently waiting for the place to fill up. :music:

Road Ratt 05-28-19 08:35 PM

Changes the song.

Imogen 08-15-19 06:30 AM

I'll have a Pinot Grigio please.

Anyone else in?

Road Ratt 08-15-19 11:11 AM

Hey Imogen, welcome back. :hat:

Pours a rum & coke.

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