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Gene Poule 06-22-12 02:47 AM

What time does this Dew Drop Inn close anyway LOL:rofl:

Sad Eyed Lady 06-22-12 03:01 AM

well, as a NY kinda girl, i would state by 4 a.m., u don't gotta go home, but u can't stay here.

of course the secret clubs, such as dew drop inn, ah, they never close.

some days, i so wished i drank. but, with this wee irish lassie's genetic makeup, i am so glad i am a child of the 60's.

although, i swear this last batch of medicinal is pot pourri. but finish it, i shall.

i am so damned awake. buggery bollocks.

Gene Poule 06-22-12 03:04 AM


Originally Posted by Sad Eyed Lady (Post 785952)
i am so damned awake. buggery bollocks.

Guess what sad eyed lady my partner and I did stay at a club in my 20's in the village yep until almost 4am. Those were the days my love:tongue:

Gene Poule 06-22-12 08:09 PM


Originally Posted by pennybook (Post 785214)
Looks like I'll be seeing you back at this joint for the Sunday Special ;)

Do we have to wait until Sunday?:hug:

Gene Poule 06-23-12 03:56 AM

Last Call in 5 minutes

imp 06-23-12 05:06 AM

Aww, but I want another....

Gene Poule 06-23-12 10:15 PM

Drinks Are On Me

Gene Poule 06-24-12 02:03 AM

2 more hours left till they throw us out of this joint

Sad Eyed Lady 06-24-12 02:08 AM

ok, i live in but one room, but it is mostly a giant bed. and a couch.

and, i dance. right, gene?

but, i am a medicinal mj kinda girl.

bring ur own bottles.

Gene Poule 06-24-12 02:14 AM

Ok we dance at your place after they toss us out. horizontal mambo only
(so kidding)

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