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gyra 07-19-10 03:11 AM

*Buys everyone a round of little creatures pale ale*:cool:

steven 07-19-10 05:08 AM

drinks and lots of tablets please

brandysnap 07-19-10 05:11 AM

:confused::confused:STEVen - come back to the cafe - luigi is looking for you and is quite nervous:confused::confused: and i am nervous of luigi:confused:

steven 07-19-10 05:13 AM

more drinks and tablets please.

brandysnap 07-21-10 01:23 PM

now lookie here

brandysnap 07-21-10 01:27 PM

im going to have a long tall sally - whatever that is/////???

Ghostnyourmidst 07-21-10 01:42 PM


brandysnap 07-21-10 01:46 PM

You have been flaunting those things ghost - those emoticons - at every opportunity lol

Ghostnyourmidst 07-21-10 01:49 PM

So you have noticed? LOL

Me thinks theys cute. LOL + I'm kinda bored today.:tongue:

brandysnap 07-21-10 01:51 PM

oh yes - THIS woman notices everything - LOL -YOU ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!

where do you keep them all??????

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