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Black Dog 06-26-10 07:31 PM

Rub her hands.

Rub her face.

Rubber balloons.

Juno 06-26-10 09:12 PM

exactly, pilgrim drawer, cull the blood, emperor of chalice!!

Juno 06-26-10 09:13 PM


brandysnap 06-27-10 05:31 AM

Statistics - Most users of ttl were on line at 10.51am on 25th JUNE 2009

A total of 288 /???? -

Post number 4080 in the Dew DROP inn WILL tell you why. R.I.P MJxxx

strawberry bitch 06-27-10 09:29 AM

oh wow brandy thats quite interesting.. its now been a whole yr.. wow time flies doesnt it?

brandysnap 06-27-10 09:34 AM

Yup - over a year now hunni - i like coming here and reading the posts .......
((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((STRRAWBERRY))))))))) ))))))))))))))))))))))0

strawberry bitch 06-27-10 10:03 AM

yeah i agree... i like the atmosphere! :)


Juno 06-27-10 12:15 PM

where my sticks at, playa?

strawberry bitch 06-27-10 12:46 PM

here.. ** throws sticks**

now get cracking baby!!

brandysnap 06-27-10 01:00 PM

Sometimes i think that life is a game - hows that for a cliche -
can we move in here - how much are the rooms to rent permanently- it would be wonderful .................................xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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