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strawberry bitch 05-14-09 05:58 AM

mmm OJ in the way!

timmy13 05-14-09 06:31 AM

i also like mango nectar

Venom 05-14-09 07:08 AM

yea that shit's good

timmy13 05-14-09 07:36 AM

itss awsum:)

strawberry bitch 05-14-09 12:45 PM

man i feel like getting buzzed today!

surfcaster 05-14-09 10:22 PM

i know how you feel strawberry, i am buzzed right now

Venom 05-15-09 07:33 AM

I've been high all night, sposed to smoke some dro today we'll see

totallyamazed 05-15-09 07:38 AM

Hello peeps...smokin Dro huh? Sounds good *toke.. toke* Oh I'm sorry did you want some Venom? *passes joint to Venom*

Venom 05-15-09 07:41 AM

*cheifs hard* gotta go donate plasma today for some money for me self, but my friend said he'd have some dro to smoke with me around 9 o clock tomorrow... or was it later? Fuck, i'll have to find out... Anyway I'm prolly hittin the door at eight (in a hour in my time zone), go get this bullshit done with, and go over there to see what's up with it.

Venom 05-15-09 07:42 AM

Fuck it I might just buy some my damn self I know i might buy some salvia just to say I've done it but iono

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