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surfcaster 02-22-15 04:55 AM

torn rotator cuff surgury
i have a complete full thickness tear of my rotator cuff tendon in my left arm, because of my job and being short staffed in management i chose to wait until after winter to get it fixed, so last week i finally had enough of the constant pain and called to schedule surgury, they can't do it until march 31st, now here is my problem, i struggle everyday to do my job because of the worsening pain and am torn with should i be the good guy and deal with the excruciating pain until surgury or say screw it, i need to go out of work now and start taking the pain meds until surgury. thing is i know it will get me no further ahead by sticking it out but it just aint in my nature to give up and throw in the towel, but i need to do something, you all got any thoughts

dax 02-22-15 08:30 AM

Thats a serious injury you dont want to make things worse, stay home take the pain meds.

123Noon321 02-22-15 04:09 PM

Depends on how much you need money, but i personally would choose health over money any time.

Dave86 02-22-15 08:40 PM

I don't know if you got an MRI but that is first thing I would do.
I say listen to your doctor. There is no shame in shutting it down
when you are hurt. You aren't quitting you are taking care of yourself
and that is the most important thing you can do. I had an injury
playing basketball and had a fracture in my jaw. I let it go
because it didn't hurt that bad. I got really sick one day
infection spread through my system . I had two surgeries
was told I could lose a lot of my teeth . Losing teeth in my
twenties freaked me out. Luckily the surgeries worked but it
was awful . Moral of the story take care of your
body . Sorry this happened to you. So many people in this
country don't want to work are lazy. You are not one of those
people. You want to work have put in mega overtime broken
yourself down you have worked so hard. No disgrace in taking
care of yourself when you are hurt Surf. Wish You the best.

surfcaster 02-22-15 10:00 PM

thanks guys, dave you make some good points, and for me it has nothing to do with the money although it is great to have, for me it comes down to one simple thing, pride, i signed on to do a job and i do that job as best i can no matter what it takes, anything less then that would mean i am failing myself, and you're right too many people do not want to do what it takes to get a job done and this one has a price, 4 knee surguries including knee replacement, broken foot, broken arm, degenerative back issues, 2 rotator cuff tears 1 in each shoulder, 1 in 2010 and the other this past november both never fixed until now, i do road construction and it is indeed not a job for the lazy. i understand i need to take care of me but my built in mechanizm is to fufil whatever obligation i have agreed to even if that comes at the expense of my body, sounds stupid i know but that's how i am. i guess i just need the encouragement to break that cycle before it breaks me.

Aries 02-23-15 09:57 AM

surfcaster~I agree with what's already been posted on here. I feel the need to urge you to reconsider things & getting it done. If left untreated, you could end up having a frozen shoulder. You could suffer permanent loss with your range of motion. That's something that's more serious. I understand the need to complete what you're doing. However, not getting this problem "addressed" could lead to something worse, more time lost, & not to mention the recovery from it;all. Please, just take care of yourself & get this surgery done dear.:hug:

surfcaster 02-23-15 11:28 AM

thanks folks you are all right and i just got off the phone a little while ago and confirmed the march 31st surgury date, that will put me on the sidelines and out of work for 8 weeks and another 16 or more weeks on light duty, doc says it takes 6 months for a complete recovery, at which time i will have to schedule the shoulder i hurt in 2010, doc says there is most likely some degree of permanent damage in that one which is why he wants to do that one last, if he did it first i will run the risk of permanent damage in the other one, and he kind of gave me a hard time about letting them go, said it was not a wise decision and he could have saved the first one if i had not waited almost 5 years. anyway folks, it looks like i am in for about a year of surgury recovery time ahead of me here so please bear with me if i seem testy at times, between what i understand about the pain i will be in and having someone else have to pick up the slack for my job don't sit well with me. thanks for all your input, i was leaning towards getting it done but recently started to reconsider until i got all this encouragement

Aries 02-23-15 05:33 PM

surfcaster~It's good to hear that you've scheduled this.:hug: We'll always be here for you, no matter what. :hug: I'm glad that you reconsidered & decided to get it taken care of.:hug:

pixystyx 02-23-15 05:56 PM

please get it taken care of.. before you fuck yourself up like permanently.. take care of yourself..

:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

surfcaster 02-24-15 07:38 AM

thanks aries i am glad to know you and everyone here is in support of me.

pixy, long time no talk, how you been, i already got one with permanent damage so i've already fucked that up i am now trying to not screw the other one up.

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