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Ella 02-21-15 12:22 PM

New Fun Forum! :)
Dear members,

On a request from Aries, we have created a new "Fun" forum. Here you can post pictures, jokes or other things that make you laugh and that may make other members laugh as well. :smile:

You can find it under the Diversions section: Fun

Please remember that the guidelines still apply for this forum. For instance:
  • No suicide or self-harm methods, including pictures or videos.
  • No graphic descriptions of sex or violence.
  • No jokes about sexual issues such as mentioning body parts, as this can be very triggering to members struggling with sexual abuse issues.
  • Please try not to post jokes about hot topics such as race, LGBT, religion and political issues. While some things may be funny to you, it may be very hurtful to someone else, and may start arguments on the forum.
We ask for your understanding that we sometimes have to be a bit more strict on this site as compared to other forums due to the nature of TTL and the state of mind of our members. While we do not want to edit or remove things you post, we sometimes have to so that the forum is a safe and supportive place for all members.

As always, please report posts to us if you feel offended instead of replying in the thread.

Thank you for understanding, and I hope you will enjoy posting there. :smile:

Best Regards,

Ella 02-21-15 12:54 PM

Just to make it clear, game threads where members make lists, and share one sentence or number, such as: "What's your favorite?", "The last thing you ate", "Have you ever..?", "Count to a Million", "Last thing you bought" etc. still belong in the Games forum.

If you want to make other members smile, share a joke, post a picture you think is funny or share a funny story you can post in the Fun forum.

We hope that having separate "Fun" and "Games" forums will make it easier for members to find the threads they would like to participate in, as the threads on the main page of the Fun forum will not be buried very quickly by the popular game listing threads.

It seems like a lot of members enjoy posting in the Games forum, and we hope you will continue to have fun there, and participate in the Fun forum too. If you like games, I also encourage you to post in our new Roleplay forum. Here you can create stories together with other members.

- Ella

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