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Needshelp 02-24-17 04:24 AM

How does one laugh

Black Sheep 03-16-17 12:19 AM

Lets Not.

Enddays 03-20-17 04:30 PM


Originally Posted by Black Sheep (Post 2621914)
Lets Not.

Agree, lets not. Nothing to laugh about. I feel more I want to cry but I can't cry. :hiding:

tigerlover 08-28-17 04:42 AM

this is my kind of thread...i am more of an optimist in life...life is fun..
so a good laugh is worthwhile..i always feel VERY happy when my girlfriend shows me her teeth..by the way..great teeth she has got..and then i did not even say anything about the rest of her(ahah)===great woman,outgoing,a pleasant being in my life..life can be short enough..I enjoy life until i drop dead...and i am not dead yet(hihi)i got LOTS of spirit,determination,willpower..I kick ass...

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