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ozzycat 12-23-08 10:59 PM

Horton Hears a Who
has anyone seen the new horton hears a who movie??
i watched it with my little brother and i actually found myself laughing out loud. its pretty funny and really cute. so if u find ur bored or have nothing to do you should go out and watch this movie :wink:


Tears of Stone 12-23-08 11:08 PM

i've seen it! it is cute! its like the cat in the hat! i was rather tipsy when i watched it tho! :tongue: so i'm not sure i followed it completely but i got the gist of it! lol i love it when horton run's on tip toes tho it makes me giggle to think an elephant could ever be dainty! :smile:

silent cry 12-24-08 02:20 AM

i havent seen it tho i want to... looks funny

Oubliette 05-01-09 01:15 AM

I LOVE this movie!!!!!!! Katie is my favorite :D

"I'n MY World...everyones a Pony....and they all eat Rainbows!....and poop BUTTERFLIES!...........*haaaaaah*"


silent cry 05-01-09 01:35 PM

i watched it for the first time today.. was so cute.
i also laughed out loud.

jojo was my fave... well one of my faves anyway.

singingstar324 05-01-09 02:43 PM

It's a REALLLLY good moviee! i love it so much! Watched it 15 times already!

The part I don't understand is when horton crosses the bridge ya know? To get to the top of the mountain, how do the other animals cross to get to him? And then don't they cross back at the end?! LOL

silent cry 05-02-09 01:51 AM

good point.

i found the film reminded me a lot of the grinch. which jim carey also had a part.
cus in the grinch they all lives in whoville too and the who's in both films had those same fingers and noses.

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