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123Noon321 01-10-15 12:09 PM

Well while i was on this 3 day or so break from TTL, celebrating my birth saint day or however "krsna slava" is translated to English, i have gotten amazing opportunity. In my previous posts i have most likely mentioned that one of my biggest dreams is going abroad to study or work.
Well i wont go into much details in order for my anonimity to stay good, but i was offered to try and go to uni in one much better country then mine!!!!! I would have food, water and place to live there, i would just need to pay study costs which would be really small if i get into budget!!! I just need to continue learning German and need to start learning lots of stuff in order to get into that uni. I will continue studying for getting into this uni in my country to which i would transfer if this opportunity that i gained fails. My schedule will be cruel, with almost no free time. But if i put best of me into studying i will succeed. I know it!!!!!

This opportunity doesnt mean success or maybe doesnt mean anything, since i can fail, but i am just amazed and thrilled that i have at least gotten this wonderful opportunity!

Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!

lucid lunacy 01-10-15 12:42 PM

Glad to hear your hard work is being rewarded with this opportunity. I hope good things will keep happening in your life.

123Noon321 01-10-15 08:28 PM

I thought this would be one of those unreplied threads for some reason :rofl: IDK why. :D

Thanks. :) I hope things start looking well for you too. :hug:

D1zzy 01-11-15 08:47 PM

awesome :smile:

hottea654 01-13-15 11:44 PM

What a great opportunity for you!!!!!! :clap: nsdimitrije :clap::ohyeah: :dance:study abroad!!:dance: I am so glad to hear the good news! You sound like you are getting ready in a wise and thoughtful manner. I applaud your hard work and the adventures you will have soon.

I hope your spiritual renewal time and celebration of your patron saint helped to lift you up emotionally and spiritually.

123Noon321 01-14-15 05:55 AM

Thank you guys. :) Means a lot. :hug: :hug: :hug:

SensualGirl 01-14-15 07:46 AM

I'm really pulling for you Doctor D.

surfcaster 01-14-15 09:05 AM

hey yo great news, things are looking up congrats

SensualGirl 01-14-15 12:35 PM

This kid is incredible, one in a million.

123Noon321 01-14-15 12:59 PM

Haha, thank you guys. :))))

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