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Ella 12-29-14 05:31 PM

Do you want to create stories with other members?
Do you want to create stories with other members?
Participate in Roleplays!

In addition to writing your own texts in the Creative Writing forum, you are welcome to create stories with other members. One way of doing this, is to participate in roleplays.

What is a roleplay?
Roleplays are stories written by members where anything can happen. Each member creates their own character, and participates in the story by making posts where they write what is happening with their character.

Roleplays can be reality based (school, romance, survival, historical etc)
or fantasy based (werewolves, demons, angels, vampires, science fiction etc.).

Your imagination (and the guidelines :wink:) is the only limitation!

How does it work?

1) You can begin a story by posting a new thread with your character biography - your character's name, description, age, personality, etc.
Please mark the title with "roleplay" so that other members will recognize it as such.

2) Then, make the first post of the story. Include a few paragraphs of a back story which details of what's happening in the world or the location of the story.

3) When the original poster has presented the story, other members can post their character biographies, and add to the story using their characters.

An example:
Say two members, Blue and Red, are creating a play together. Their characters are Bob and Ann. Blue is the topic creator, so she will start:

Originally Posted by Blue
Character bio: Bob - 25 years, thin and long with dark hair, health care worker, likes sports and going out.

In the quiet town of Nowheresville, a new mall is opening up. Being the social type, Bob decided to check it out. Wondering what kind of stores they will have, he gets in his car and drives off.

In a new post, Red replies:

Originally Posted by Red
Hearing about the new mall that was opening, Ann (33, married with 2 kids, lawyer) decided she may as well check it out. Putting away her dish rag, she went to clock out of work.

And so on.

We hope you will all enjoy writing things together! :type:

Please read the rules below before you participate in roleplays.

The Roleplay Rules

1. Please be familiar with, and follow, the TTL Official Guidelines.
As always, posting graphical descriptions of sex or violence is not permitted, including mentioning tools that may be used to harm yourself or others. Even if such words are used in a story context, they can be very triggering.

2. One story per thread.
The original poster is the story creator.

3. Roleplays are written in the third person.
"Jane went to the park"...

4. No taking control of other people's characters.
The member writing about Bob can not know what Ann is thinking, or post about how she reacts to something.

5. No "God Mode", or giving your characters invincible powers or knowledge they wouldn't be able to have or know.
For example: Bob is at the park and Dan is with Ann at the house. Dan tells Ann about a surprise party for Alex. Bob can't know about that party, unless someone tells him, because he was at the park when they discussed it.

6. Mark the title of the thread with "Roleplay".

This way other members will know that you want to write a story with them, and not only post yourself.

These rules may be updated if issues arise, so please check back regularly.

Be nice to each other and have fun! :smile:

- The TTL Team

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