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Aries 08-24-06 11:41 AM

I was thinking, I used hypnotism to quit smoking. Then awhile back, I saw a Special on TV for people like myself, that have Firbomyaglia. It was very intresting, to say the least & they said it helps people with my condition. I'm courious, has anybody really tired it for anything other than that? Wouldn't it be great if it could help with depression/suicide/changing your thought process.....etc!!



dreamer 08-28-06 01:04 AM


gay_wished_was_not 09-18-06 08:18 PM

Dreamer and Aries:

Past life regression hypnosis has been very helpful in my case. I've heard of Weiss' stuff, but haven't read any of it.

I've read all of Micheal Newton's stuff on the subject one book excerpt here. I've spent a total of six hours in regression with a Newton certified clinician.

I did not learn much about any past lives, as I was more concerned with the present one. It's difficult enough on its own. It was very uplifting and healing although I'm still struggling with death wishes.

I do recommend it.



boulevard-traveler 09-18-06 08:19 PM

I've been hypnotised before, but not for my depression, it was a post prom gathering and I got hypnotised.

angel4peace 09-18-06 09:16 PM

I have done past life regressions several times.
I have committed suicide in several lives. EAch time over a broken heart.

I have read about all of this since I was 14 and started to read about Edgar Cacey the sleeping Prophet.

I have been studying the work of David Hawkins on vibrational energy levels of each state... joy, love, depression, sorrow, hate etc......to function you need to be vibrating at a certain rate or you do not have enough energy to run the body. He gives examples of how to raise your energy. So, does they Abraham Hicks books. Anger has a higher vibration and energy then dispair and depression... you can move up the later......I am starting to read about it again.

I have been reading about Lucid dreaming.
I had an OBE out of body experience the other day.

I know I am not a body.

I had never though about what you said dreamer.....re the suicide path.

I am not sure what I know... but, at times I think that the past lives are accuring at the same time, vs one after another.. an altnernative reality.
Like you get to a fork in the road, and make a choice, you go one way, however, another part of your "soul" goes into another choice you could have made. Richard Back talks of this in his book ONE

There is so much we do not know.
I have been studying for years.
I have had amazing experiences I will share sometime
Then I go back to sleep and think this dream is real......and I get stuck...

I am not sure how to explain this in writing , I can talk about it, but my spelling and writing skills are not what they were .. the Fibro and CFS have affected my cognitive function as bad or worse than my body pain.

Thank you all for sharing and being a part of my life

With love

dreamer 09-19-06 12:51 AM


dreamer 09-19-06 09:17 PM


gay_wished_was_not 09-20-06 08:50 PM

Wow angel!
Cool post Angel!

Bach's stuff is very cool. I've done the OBE thing, too. Guess maybe I oughta move this to a PM...


angel4peace 09-20-06 11:46 PM

You have met a kindred spirit, I know exactly what you mean and understand, believe and have experienced all you talk about.

I too do not want to wake up again in a new body and have to do all of this again. Yes, we have free will, we can exit if we want. However, that does not get us out of the lesson we came here to learn.

Much of this started with the Cayce as I said. I love Bach and have read all his books. The Dan Milliman movie was very good. I was disappointed in the other one, I cannot remember the name now. It took place in South America and their were these 12 scrolls.

I love What the Bleep Do We Know#%#$% Great movie.

I love ACIM... I do believe forgivness is the way home.

I think this is enough for now.......
I love you all
Sweet dreamer, Gay, thank you for caring.

angel4peace 09-21-06 01:19 AM

off post......he and leslie broke up........when?

I had planned to visit Og Mandino for 5 years, was going to take the train. I finally got the courage and he died before I could get there.

I have been reading the Dali Lama on forgiveness.
I have been reading DU by Gary Renard.
I saw What the Bleep3 times........got something new each time.

I have seen Chopra, Wayne Dyer etc.....Byron Katie.......an amazing women. Amazing.

I saw Mother Meara in LA last month. She gave me blessing. I looked into her eyes and saw the divine mothers love.......I know the source is within, we are all one.....she just had the energy of love.

I am so tired....so much happening.......
Thank you for sharing

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