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Richard 08-24-06 11:00 AM

10,000 Little Pieces
Remember the book about the guy whose life was supposedly in the gutter... he was an alcoholic, drug addict, criminal, etc.? He wrote about how he turned his whole life around and his book got so popular that Oprah suggested it to everyone...

Then it turned out that he and his book were frauds! Oprah had him back on her show just to berate him and save face for stearing her viewers wrong. I guess he went back because even though it was negative publicity, it was still publicity for his book.

Anyhow, I felt really betrayed when I found out that his story was mostly BS!

boulevard-traveler 08-24-06 04:14 PM

Is it still good though?

hardtosmile 08-25-06 10:20 PM

Wasn't it "A Million little Pieces" and not 10,000 Little Pieces? Anyway, name one book that is 100% true. I can't think of one. All books are embelished in some way, shape, form or fashion. I didn't think twice when Oprah did what she did. I thought it made HER look bad. I thought the book was an excellent one. I laughed, cried, got angry and felt relief. I don't care if it was true or false, I thought it was brilliantly written.

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