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living dead girl 08-24-06 12:04 AM

A Child Called It
i definately reccommend "A child called it" by Dave Pelzer. its about a boy abused horribly as a child, goes through foster homes, and turns out well. its very sad yet inspiring. but the most interesting thing is, is that the author of the book is actually the little boy who was abused. its about Dave's troubled life. it really brings you into the life and mind of an abused child, and what they do for their situations. i reccommend the sequel as well "the lost boy"

if anyone else has read it, let me know what you thought of it!

jstreba1 08-24-06 12:06 AM

that is a really good book and so is the sequil theres like 3 or 4 books in the sequil i think

distorted innocence 08-24-06 10:39 AM

i love this book!!!

i also reccomend the sequils!!!

the lst child and a man named dave!!!

hardtosmile 08-26-06 10:51 PM

This was a great book. Makes me realize I don't have it sooo bad

Gas-Mask-Dragon 10-17-06 05:06 AM

Oh gawd... That book was great.. But the scary part is that our 5th grade teacher read that to us in class, I remember1

I remember it being slightly disturbing however, as a warning to anyone to wants to read it.

beautifullysuicidal2007 10-17-06 09:02 AM

That book made me truely appricate my parents for the first time.

BohoRoohaha 11-22-06 11:47 AM

I love that book! It makes me cry. The Lost Boy was interesting also. have you heard of/read his brother's, Richard, book also? i really want to read that as well. Still need to read The Privlege of Youth and A Man Named Dave. For those of you that have read them, what do you think?

irishred 11-27-06 06:54 PM

I agree with all of you about the book and sequel books. It truly makes you thankful for what you don't have to go through. Hard reading, though. Then I tell myself how hard it was for him to live through. So I suck it up and read.

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