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Makica 12-06-14 05:15 PM

Between dreams & reality
Do you ever have moments when you are not sure, if something really happened(something you said to somebody,or real things that happened before,happen again) or it was a dream?
Lately I noticed I have a lack of memory for even stuff I just saw, then there is this weird stage when I remember what I dreamt last night, but for some moments I am not sure if it was in a dream or really happened.

There was a thing when I said something to my sister, I wasn't sure what was it. I asked her, she said I said something like that couple of months ago,but not lately. Then other time when it was another thing, she said I was doing that yesterday. But still in my mind I don't know which is which and it confuses me,especially because for the last 3 days I was sure I had some sort of argue with one person,but when I finally asked her to talk about it, she said none of it happened :confused:

DPG1 01-03-15 05:06 PM

For me that`s the grey zone. Not fully awake but not fully asleep.

There was one time when I was in that grey zone and the radio was playing a commercial for French wine. The announcers had French accents and the funny part was that I could actually smell the wine. Woke up in my bed but alas, there was no wine.:confused:

And since I was only 17 at the time, I could not get some.... legally that is.:biggrin::rolleyes:

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