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1nechance 11-24-08 12:42 AM

are we alone in the universe?
what you think?

UFO's to me are government experimenting with new technology, as for lil grey men..no i do not..but that is not to say i dont think there is life elsewhere..just the grey men is more a creation of hollywood..cause life would evolve and look like anything...just look at creatures miles under the oceans..and i also think it is arrogent to think that we are.were are finding new planetary systems all the time...now i dont think life is substainable in anywhere else in our solar system but the amount of space that is up there..

Venom 11-24-08 02:23 AM

I don't believe there are little grey men but sentinent life yes, life smarter than ours sure, and life that has watched us? why not. I think there is a good chance of them actually visiting, but taking care to leave no traces. There have been conspiracies of shadow government covering them up/even getting technology from them. But what are these? conspiracies. Still it is logical to believe

Delta40 11-24-08 04:49 AM

Why are they always smarter? Do they have to be or could they still be in a neanderthal state of evolution?

Strawbean 11-24-08 09:25 AM

grey men? no.. The ones I have met are more purpley, with lots of spots and three arms. And they aren't men. Not exactly, anyway.

:) There are trillions of stars out there and who knows how many planets... billions? the chances of one of them having favorable conditions on which to support life seems pretty good... but yeah, who knows if they would be smart or not or if we would even be able to fathom their existance or intelligence...
I don't believe we will ever know... humankind's curiosity to find more like itself...
We can't even make it to the edge of our own solar system... we don't know what is on the edge of our system from last I read... the oort cloud, what the heck is that?
let alone even come anywhere, anywhere close to the closest star...
space is too darn huge and empty... this is something we'll probably never know...
unless we really can learn to bend space or whatever like in some sci fi movies, lol...

Venom 11-24-08 01:48 PM

oort cloud? lol that's a funny word but very interesting i'll have to look it up

yea of course there are neandrethal/early stage lifeforms, I heard about an astronaut on the moon seeing small organisms but don't know how much truth there is to that if any, the thing is, I guess most of us think it's pretty easy for a dumbed down other race to exist but one smarter than our own? GETTOUTTA HERE! lol I do think there are ones that are much smarter than our own tho. Well now that I think about it that was a dumb thing to say I guess it's the other way around, anybody thinks there is one smarter than our own, or maybe just depends on the person i don't know.

silent cry 11-24-08 01:53 PM

do aliens exist?? hmm.. YES... I AM ONE :P

Delta40 11-24-08 02:28 PM

It's a big old universe out there. So they might. Do I care? No. Is that intelligent? Who knows.....Hang on -just - shedding - my - outer skin. There! that's better! You guys know what that's like right....

Mitza 11-28-08 06:57 PM

I think the chances that we are not are so high that I'd say no, I don't think we are alone... And the fact that they've found traces of water too.. What I'd like to know though, is how a life form based on Si in stead of C would look like.. *thinking*.. Hopefully it would be a bit more colorful. :)

As for aliens.. What you *should* look out for are the shape-shifters.. Those are scary... So if anyone else look like me around here.. RUN!!

Strawbean 11-28-08 07:35 PM

O.o EEKKKKKKKkkkk! Another Mitza?? Run!

Wait.. How do we know that this one isn't the impostor??

Tackle her! Look for batteries!

Venom 11-28-08 09:06 PM

*Venom lunges*

Strawbean 11-29-08 12:42 AM

uh oh
venom, heel.

(tho I am told that if they have green blood... hmm...)
nah, can't risk it.

;) (((((((((Venom))))))))))

Mitza 12-01-08 06:51 PM

Well, they can't stand ironoxides, so..
*handing some to Venom and Straw*
Hmm.... Straw is sure acting funny...
Um... Straw?... Is this you?... Uh oh...

Strawbean 12-06-08 02:17 PM

lol, M. I always act funny.. strange rather..

(wondering if I should hide... wondering if iron oxides would burn skin...
wait... iron oxide is rust, isn't it?
how do you apply iron oxide? bc I haven't had my tetanus shot in many years...)




Mitza 12-08-08 04:57 PM

lol.. you don't have to apply it on them Straw.. Just the nearby existence of it will make them blow up. :D (I don't like shape-shifters) ;)

Well, if you were an alien you would be gone by now.. so.. ;)

Strawbean 12-08-08 09:20 PM

huh? Did you say anthing, M?
Oh well.
(reading wiki)
"Some iron oxides are widely used in ceramic applications, particularly in glazing. Many metal oxides provide the colors in glazes after being fired at high temperatures.
Iron oxides yield pigments (see Iron oxide pigments). Natural iron oxides pigments are called ochres. Many classic paint colors, such as raw and burnt siennas and umbers, are iron-oxide pigments. These pigments have been...
Iron pigments are also widely used in the cosmetic field. They are considered to be nontoxic, moisture resistant, and nonbleeding. Iron oxides graded safe for cosmetic use are produced synthetically in order to...
Typically, the Iron(II) oxide pigment is black, while the Iron(III) oxide is red or rust-colored..."

Hm... I wonder how different it is from zinc oxide...
Zinc is also used in skin care products, in paint, + exists in tablet form even...

:( I hope I didn't ingest any.... Eeek!
(Not that I'm an alien or anything...)
but I think I should get a tetanus shot now... :P

Garnet Jello 12-19-08 11:46 AM

I definitely think that there are other lifeforms out there in the universe. It just seems really improbable for our little planet to be the only place in the universe to have any life. I don't think that these beings are like Greys, Reptillians, or Nords as a lot of people like to think; I mean, considering that a lot of places don't have the same sorts of environments as Earth, it's pretty stupid to think that life on other planets would necessarily resemble humans, isn't it? Who says that they are carbon-based life forms, meaning that they'd need the same sort of living conditions as most life on Earth?

totallyamazed 12-19-08 12:06 PM

I'm not completely educated on the subject, but... I believe there are other life forms other than ours! How vain would you have to be to think that we are alone? I'd love to meet them!

Raging Silence 12-28-08 08:28 PM

I have totally forgotten the forumula but one was created to attempt to calculate the possibility of life of any form in the unverse other than our planets. Even by the miniscule chances of the creation of life etc is is almost mathmatically impossible for us to be the only life in the entire universe.

Venom 12-29-08 12:01 AM

hmmm zinc exists on our home planet too... uh oh *hides venom*

totallyamazed 12-29-08 09:03 AM

I would like to believe that one day an alien will fly down and take be back to their home planet!!! Really! I'm not joking!

Venom 12-29-08 11:05 AM

"I'm bout to move to Mars y'all, the world a mess"

totallyamazed 12-29-08 02:55 PM

Yes venom, I agree, except it looks terribly dry, better take alot of water with you!

It would be really cool to find out that there is indeed another "blue" planet out there, there could be be in another universe.
All things are possible!! :)

Venom 12-29-08 06:56 PM

if the ice on mars was melted it could prolly support life... it may have hundreds of thousands of years ago or however long it takes for the sun to shrink down, it used to be bigger they say... like a red dwarf starts off as a giant or somethin

Garnet Jello 12-29-08 08:00 PM

I had this weird thought earlier today: if there are humanoid aliens out there, and they wear clothing for the sake of warmth and protection (and possibly other reasons, such as decoration or designation of status), who's to say that the clothing would be designed to be worn the same way as what we're used to in Western societies. That is, who says that their clothes would be something like shirts or pants, and not something entirely unknown to us? I find it weird that in sci-fi shows, films, etc. such aliens are always depicted as wearing clothing patterns that are familiar to us, and not something totally different.

I was also thinking about how it seems incredibly hard for humans to conceptualize things such as infinity, colors that human eyes cannot detect, and such...This lead me to the thought that there may possibly be some alien lifeform out there that has more "complex" thinking than humans, and is laughing at us now for such shortcomings.

Venom 12-29-08 08:05 PM

what if their pants are on their head and shoes are on their hands :D

na they don't even have to have the same body parts so that makes sense

infinity is a hard one, and i don't even know where to begin on colors we can't see that's awesome tho

totallyamazed 12-29-08 08:16 PM

Ya know thats true venom,I've read that they have like the same minerals in there soil. They found that out with the probe they sent up there. It would probably take millions or billions of years to melt though, unless for some reason the sun got alot weaker!!!
It's awesome to think about!
I even read where they found what they to believe to be bacteria, the building block of life.(I think thats how it read, I'm far from being any kind of expert on the subject. LOL

Garnet Jello 12-29-08 11:20 PM

Of course aliens that aren't humanoid wouldn't have the same sort of clothing as us (that's if they even wear clothes). Though, I'm referring to aliens that have a similar body structure as humans.

Then again, I'm over-thinking things like I usually do. :smile:

totallyamazed 12-30-08 10:25 AM

If they had the same body structure as us then I would hope they would be wearing Dior LOL

Raging Silence 12-30-08 06:41 PM

Hopefully they aren't all that keen on the anal probe :D

totallyamazed 12-30-08 07:29 PM

OUCH!!!Yeah hope they aren't into that LOL

Living Hell 03-08-09 06:15 PM

Well..... in effect , we would be Alien to that species if we were to land on another planet that had some form of life .

How do we define life ? ..... intelligent life form or a basic living organism ?

They say that if we were visited by another life form (Aliens) they would be highly advanced .... they say this because scientists agree that the nearest planet that is no dissimilar to ours is so many light years away .

Once we are able to power a space ship with nuclear power, the power produced would only move the space craft just under half light speed .

A light year is many millions of miles .....

An Alien life form could take any shape/colour, we would look just as weird to it .

Do i think there are other life form in the ever expanding universe ...... most definitely .

Heres a question ...... if the universe ends , what on the other side ? ;)

J :)

Living Hell 03-08-09 06:19 PM


Originally Posted by Venom (Post 215697)
if the ice on mars was melted it could prolly support life... it may have hundreds of thousands of years ago or however long it takes for the sun to shrink down, it used to be bigger they say... like a red dwarf starts off as a giant or somethin

The sun is actually getting bigger, it has another 4 billion years before it burns out and turns into a black hole .

J :)

Sweet Denial 03-08-09 06:24 PM

Really? *blinks* Huh. I'm like Venom, I always thought it was getting smaller. That it would continue to do so until it just...died, I guess.

Guess you learn something new everyday.

Living Hell 03-08-09 06:46 PM

;) i only learnt about it last year !

J :)

Venom 03-09-09 04:31 PM


Originally Posted by Living Hell (Post 241810)
The sun is actually getting bigger, it has another 4 billion years before it burns out and turns into a black hole .

J :)

Yea I was actually bout to mention how one day the ice will melt because the sun will expand before it dies out finally, didn't know that exact calculation though.

Just remember from science class, they get big, then shrink, then grow again and take that last dying breath, and poof they're gone... I think that's how it goes.

GLP 03-09-09 07:16 PM


Are we alone in the universe?
In the universe? No. Almost certainly not.
It would completely defy the law of averages.
The universe is enormous.

In our solar system/ galaxy?
Yes, and probably.

I do find it somewhat disappointing that no other life forms have figured out a way to contact and/ or visit us.
That either means they aren't advanced enough and don't have the technology to do so, or else they simply lack the motivation.
They really would have to be quite a bit more advanced than us, though, since our closest neighbors are probably millions of light-years away.
But you'd think, they could at least contact us, via radio waves or something, and let us know of their existence.
Then again, perhaps they do possess the technology to send out signals, but their planet/ technology/ evolution is so different from ours that we don't possess the capacity to receive or interpret these signals.

It's something to think about it.
I seriously doubt contact will be made in my lifetime.
And, conspiracy theories aside, I don't really believe that contact has ever been made since humans have inhabited this planet.
Will contact ever be made?
I think that depends on how long the human race continues to exist.
The way we're going now, I can't see us lasting more than another couple of thousand years, if that.
In which case, it's likely that contact will never be made; at least not with us. maybe after we're gone, other life forms from distant galaxies will eventually make contact with whatever terrestrial life form rises up to take our place.
But if humans manage to turn this mess around and survive a couple more million years?
Yeah, I think it's highly probable that our descendants might get to meet- or at least be contacted by- extraterrestrial life forms from far away.
I know they're out there.
I just don't think they've found us yet. And since they haven't found us yet, I doubt they'll find us within the next couple of hundred years.
But within a couple of million years?
Highly possible.

totallyamazed 03-09-09 07:19 PM

Maybe they are just as ignorant as we are!

Seriously, I do believe there are other life "forms"

I still believe in other stuff that I can't mention in this forum!

GLP 03-09-09 07:25 PM


Originally Posted by totallyamazed (Post 242348)
Maybe they are just as ignorant as we are!

Seriously, I do believe there are other life "forms"

I still believe in other stuff that I can't mention in this forum!

I'm sure there are many "earths" out there, and the life-forms that inhabit them are in various stages of evolution. Some may be similar to us, others may be far more primitive, others far more advanced.
I doubt we are the most advanced life form in the entire universe; on the other hand, we are seeing firsthand how life forms that come to a certain stage in their evolution- say, the one we're at right about now- tend to self-destruct, taking a lot of less-evolved life on their planet along with them.
So maybe no race or species on any planet, in any galaxy, ever managed to become super-advanced before they ended up destroying themselves by making their planets unlivable.
it's sad to think so.

totallyamazed 03-09-09 07:33 PM

It is sad, I love the thought of other earth like planets swirling around out there, and yeah, the thought of them self-destructingl like we are is very depressing :( I hope there is hope :)

Living Hell 03-09-09 07:43 PM

Hi glp :)

who's to say we haven't been contacted ?
Its your feeling that we havent been contacted , thats your right :) .

The speed of sound is a lot slower than the speed of light , as said before , once we are able to propell a space ship using nuclear power ... that will give us just under half light speed .

I feel that since the events of AREA 51 , we have seen a boom in technology.... computers have been limited to 2x speed upgrade every year .
They built the machine in Europe that collides atoms at astronomical speeds to try find the 4th, 5th 6th dimensions etc....

The invention of the HAARP technology ... the use of electric , beamed at the atmosphere to raise it in sections , resulting in weather manipulation ...and so on .

The Human race will survive .... you can bet ya life that plans have already been drawn up to support the richest life away from earth .

The modern day Noahs ark for instance ..... being built on the moon ... will store all seads DNA etc in case of a global catastrophe .
The mars rovers ......

In 2012 , we are totally aligned with mars , with the moon , sun etc all in alignment .
This has a big significance because its said that the poles will shift , maybe switch ?
The effect is not know/hasn't been told to us , but its not hard to work out

What makes me sad is the thought of The higher powers jumping from planet to planet ruining it as they go :( .


Venom 03-10-09 09:53 AM

damn your posts are interesting

Living Hell 03-10-09 04:43 PM


Originally Posted by Venom (Post 242650)
damn your posts are interesting

Lol... thank you .....
Yours are also :)

Have a nice day

J :)

Garnet Jello 04-05-09 09:16 PM

And if we have been contacted by other lifeforms in the universe, who is to say that maybe we humans haven't created any technology advanced enough to receive these signals. We have this nasty habit of thinking that we're definitely the "highest" lifeform out there, though that very much may not be the case.

And perhaps there are lifeforms that are advanced enough to travel around space and through other dimensions, but they don't bother to do this because their intentions are much different than ours.

And I've wondered how there's an end (not temporal, but spacial) to the universe, too. And I've heard of other folks mention that there may be other universes out there, and not necessarily in terms of them existing in other dimensions, but this dimension. I wonder how the heck that works.

JENOVA 04-09-09 03:17 PM

This reminds me of the Fermi paradox. Sorry if anyone's mentioned this already but had a quick scan and couldn't see anything and thought i'd make one last post before i leave.

Since there is such a vast range of planets etc. in the universe as a whole. The probability of there being more than one planet sustaining life is incredibly low. This paradoxes due to the lack of evidence that there is any life out there.

I do enjoy a good paradox.

Venom 04-09-09 06:01 PM

nice username/avatar jenova

I'm playin final fantasy vii crisis core right now

Garnet Jello 04-09-09 07:56 PM

Well, it's also funny that when we think of life in the universe, we tend to think of mobile beings. Maybe there's somewhere where life is like plants and/or fungi.

Venom 04-10-09 12:06 AM

since earth vegetation can communicate on basic levels, I wouldn't be surprised if there were vegetable aliens :)

Do what the giant tomato says or he'll hit us with the blaster gun! you know, the blaster gun, the cl'che gun of all alien fandom! haha

no but I am serious tho that's a good thought Garnet

JENOVA 04-10-09 04:04 AM

as a little aside, how is crisis core venom? what's different about it?

Venom 04-10-09 09:33 PM

I had talked about it in the games section of the site. It's cool, live battle system not turn based. Go check it out in the games section, it's worth buyin a PSP for.

JENOVA 04-12-09 11:25 AM

yeah not a bad idea. Or bugs from Starship Troopers, do you want to know more? lol. If they're plant-ish things, would they be separate or one massive plant organism?

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