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Blue282 06-18-17 06:48 AM

Given the number of stars and galaxies, I think the odds are in favour of other life forms existing elsewhere.

GeminiStar 06-19-17 10:54 AM

We're definitely alone. The odds of life developing on any planet are so low, our planet is the one in a trillion oddity. Take those odds and multiply it by another trillion for the odds of another planet having life and that life also evolving to sentience. Multiply another trillion for the odds of us ever discovering such a planet. There's nothing else out there for us in the universe but dust and emptiness.

Aragon 01-30-18 11:27 PM

Maybe we are not living in the time of the aliens, maybe the advanced alien life has all perished before we evolved to cook up stories of aliens. The universe is so vast and old. How can we know? other forms of life may have only sprouted in the nether corners of the universe. Maybe someday we can invade and colonise them.

BigJess 05-30-18 06:32 AM

I am convinced that extraterrestrial life exists. The space has gigantic dimensions and unimaginable number of stars. It means that somewhere there is a planet with life-friendly conditions.

But the distances in space are huge. And I am not sure that humanity will be able to determine extraterrestrial life. This life can be very different. Can we notice and understand it? I think no.

I recommend to read the novel Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton. Good book talking about this phenomenon.

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