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Living Hell 03-08-09 06:15 PM

Well..... in effect , we would be Alien to that species if we were to land on another planet that had some form of life .

How do we define life ? ..... intelligent life form or a basic living organism ?

They say that if we were visited by another life form (Aliens) they would be highly advanced .... they say this because scientists agree that the nearest planet that is no dissimilar to ours is so many light years away .

Once we are able to power a space ship with nuclear power, the power produced would only move the space craft just under half light speed .

A light year is many millions of miles .....

An Alien life form could take any shape/colour, we would look just as weird to it .

Do i think there are other life form in the ever expanding universe ...... most definitely .

Heres a question ...... if the universe ends , what on the other side ? ;)

J :)

Living Hell 03-08-09 06:19 PM


Originally Posted by Venom (Post 215697)
if the ice on mars was melted it could prolly support life... it may have hundreds of thousands of years ago or however long it takes for the sun to shrink down, it used to be bigger they say... like a red dwarf starts off as a giant or somethin

The sun is actually getting bigger, it has another 4 billion years before it burns out and turns into a black hole .

J :)

Sweet Denial 03-08-09 06:24 PM

Really? *blinks* Huh. I'm like Venom, I always thought it was getting smaller. That it would continue to do so until it just...died, I guess.

Guess you learn something new everyday.

Living Hell 03-08-09 06:46 PM

;) i only learnt about it last year !

J :)

Venom 03-09-09 04:31 PM


Originally Posted by Living Hell (Post 241810)
The sun is actually getting bigger, it has another 4 billion years before it burns out and turns into a black hole .

J :)

Yea I was actually bout to mention how one day the ice will melt because the sun will expand before it dies out finally, didn't know that exact calculation though.

Just remember from science class, they get big, then shrink, then grow again and take that last dying breath, and poof they're gone... I think that's how it goes.

GLP 03-09-09 07:16 PM


Are we alone in the universe?
In the universe? No. Almost certainly not.
It would completely defy the law of averages.
The universe is enormous.

In our solar system/ galaxy?
Yes, and probably.

I do find it somewhat disappointing that no other life forms have figured out a way to contact and/ or visit us.
That either means they aren't advanced enough and don't have the technology to do so, or else they simply lack the motivation.
They really would have to be quite a bit more advanced than us, though, since our closest neighbors are probably millions of light-years away.
But you'd think, they could at least contact us, via radio waves or something, and let us know of their existence.
Then again, perhaps they do possess the technology to send out signals, but their planet/ technology/ evolution is so different from ours that we don't possess the capacity to receive or interpret these signals.

It's something to think about it.
I seriously doubt contact will be made in my lifetime.
And, conspiracy theories aside, I don't really believe that contact has ever been made since humans have inhabited this planet.
Will contact ever be made?
I think that depends on how long the human race continues to exist.
The way we're going now, I can't see us lasting more than another couple of thousand years, if that.
In which case, it's likely that contact will never be made; at least not with us. maybe after we're gone, other life forms from distant galaxies will eventually make contact with whatever terrestrial life form rises up to take our place.
But if humans manage to turn this mess around and survive a couple more million years?
Yeah, I think it's highly probable that our descendants might get to meet- or at least be contacted by- extraterrestrial life forms from far away.
I know they're out there.
I just don't think they've found us yet. And since they haven't found us yet, I doubt they'll find us within the next couple of hundred years.
But within a couple of million years?
Highly possible.

totallyamazed 03-09-09 07:19 PM

Maybe they are just as ignorant as we are!

Seriously, I do believe there are other life "forms"

I still believe in other stuff that I can't mention in this forum!

GLP 03-09-09 07:25 PM


Originally Posted by totallyamazed (Post 242348)
Maybe they are just as ignorant as we are!

Seriously, I do believe there are other life "forms"

I still believe in other stuff that I can't mention in this forum!

I'm sure there are many "earths" out there, and the life-forms that inhabit them are in various stages of evolution. Some may be similar to us, others may be far more primitive, others far more advanced.
I doubt we are the most advanced life form in the entire universe; on the other hand, we are seeing firsthand how life forms that come to a certain stage in their evolution- say, the one we're at right about now- tend to self-destruct, taking a lot of less-evolved life on their planet along with them.
So maybe no race or species on any planet, in any galaxy, ever managed to become super-advanced before they ended up destroying themselves by making their planets unlivable.
it's sad to think so.

totallyamazed 03-09-09 07:33 PM

It is sad, I love the thought of other earth like planets swirling around out there, and yeah, the thought of them self-destructingl like we are is very depressing :( I hope there is hope :)

Living Hell 03-09-09 07:43 PM

Hi glp :)

who's to say we haven't been contacted ?
Its your feeling that we havent been contacted , thats your right :) .

The speed of sound is a lot slower than the speed of light , as said before , once we are able to propell a space ship using nuclear power ... that will give us just under half light speed .

I feel that since the events of AREA 51 , we have seen a boom in technology.... computers have been limited to 2x speed upgrade every year .
They built the machine in Europe that collides atoms at astronomical speeds to try find the 4th, 5th 6th dimensions etc....

The invention of the HAARP technology ... the use of electric , beamed at the atmosphere to raise it in sections , resulting in weather manipulation ...and so on .

The Human race will survive .... you can bet ya life that plans have already been drawn up to support the richest life away from earth .

The modern day Noahs ark for instance ..... being built on the moon ... will store all seads DNA etc in case of a global catastrophe .
The mars rovers ......

In 2012 , we are totally aligned with mars , with the moon , sun etc all in alignment .
This has a big significance because its said that the poles will shift , maybe switch ?
The effect is not know/hasn't been told to us , but its not hard to work out

What makes me sad is the thought of The higher powers jumping from planet to planet ruining it as they go :( .


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