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1nechance 11-24-08 12:42 AM

are we alone in the universe?
what you think?

UFO's to me are government experimenting with new technology, as for lil grey men..no i do not..but that is not to say i dont think there is life elsewhere..just the grey men is more a creation of hollywood..cause life would evolve and look like anything...just look at creatures miles under the oceans..and i also think it is arrogent to think that we are.were are finding new planetary systems all the time...now i dont think life is substainable in anywhere else in our solar system but the amount of space that is up there..

Venom 11-24-08 02:23 AM

I don't believe there are little grey men but sentinent life yes, life smarter than ours sure, and life that has watched us? why not. I think there is a good chance of them actually visiting, but taking care to leave no traces. There have been conspiracies of shadow government covering them up/even getting technology from them. But what are these? conspiracies. Still it is logical to believe

Delta40 11-24-08 04:49 AM

Why are they always smarter? Do they have to be or could they still be in a neanderthal state of evolution?

Strawbean 11-24-08 09:25 AM

grey men? no.. The ones I have met are more purpley, with lots of spots and three arms. And they aren't men. Not exactly, anyway.

:) There are trillions of stars out there and who knows how many planets... billions? the chances of one of them having favorable conditions on which to support life seems pretty good... but yeah, who knows if they would be smart or not or if we would even be able to fathom their existance or intelligence...
I don't believe we will ever know... humankind's curiosity to find more like itself...
We can't even make it to the edge of our own solar system... we don't know what is on the edge of our system from last I read... the oort cloud, what the heck is that?
let alone even come anywhere, anywhere close to the closest star...
space is too darn huge and empty... this is something we'll probably never know...
unless we really can learn to bend space or whatever like in some sci fi movies, lol...

Venom 11-24-08 01:48 PM

oort cloud? lol that's a funny word but very interesting i'll have to look it up

yea of course there are neandrethal/early stage lifeforms, I heard about an astronaut on the moon seeing small organisms but don't know how much truth there is to that if any, the thing is, I guess most of us think it's pretty easy for a dumbed down other race to exist but one smarter than our own? GETTOUTTA HERE! lol I do think there are ones that are much smarter than our own tho. Well now that I think about it that was a dumb thing to say I guess it's the other way around, anybody thinks there is one smarter than our own, or maybe just depends on the person i don't know.

silent cry 11-24-08 01:53 PM

do aliens exist?? hmm.. YES... I AM ONE :P

Delta40 11-24-08 02:28 PM

It's a big old universe out there. So they might. Do I care? No. Is that intelligent? Who knows.....Hang on -just - shedding - my - outer skin. There! that's better! You guys know what that's like right....

Mitza 11-28-08 06:57 PM

I think the chances that we are not are so high that I'd say no, I don't think we are alone... And the fact that they've found traces of water too.. What I'd like to know though, is how a life form based on Si in stead of C would look like.. *thinking*.. Hopefully it would be a bit more colorful. :)

As for aliens.. What you *should* look out for are the shape-shifters.. Those are scary... So if anyone else look like me around here.. RUN!!

Strawbean 11-28-08 07:35 PM

O.o EEKKKKKKKkkkk! Another Mitza?? Run!

Wait.. How do we know that this one isn't the impostor??

Tackle her! Look for batteries!

Venom 11-28-08 09:06 PM

*Venom lunges*

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