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Marshal Lewis 11-14-14 06:57 PM

Being gay
What does this community think about being gay? :smile:

SensualGirl 11-14-14 07:00 PM

What about it?:smile:

Marshal Lewis 11-14-14 07:06 PM

Is there any opposition to it here?

Yang Yin 11-14-14 07:12 PM

I think you will find a number of gay, lesbian and bi-sexual members here...even a few sapiosexuals:rolleyes:

It is an open minded group.

Marshal Lewis 11-14-14 07:20 PM

Cool :thumbsup:

Yang Yin 11-14-14 07:21 PM

btw...I hope one day I can see a future that takes the negative connotation out of the word 'gay'

It implies there is something wrong with you. It implies that it is a flaw.
Being gay is not a flaw. It is simply who you are.

I have never seen a straight person hold their head in shame or afraid to tell their friend of their sexual preference.
I have never seen them afraid to be who they are... if they are straight.

And I have never heard of someone wanting to take their life for being straight and having to live in the dark...in fear of what others think.

You should not have to live like that.
There is nothing wrong with you.

SensualGirl 11-14-14 07:34 PM

There's an LGBT section here.:wave:

lucid lunacy 11-14-14 08:15 PM

Pansexual male here. I haven't really seen a lot of homophobia, biphobia or transphobia around this forum.

Dark Witch 11-15-14 12:51 AM

Any sexual orientation is okay by me.

123Noon321 11-15-14 12:32 PM

I never saw anyone discriminated against anything here. Dont worry. :thumbsup:

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