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whatagurl 08-23-06 03:05 PM

me and anorexia
the one thing that i have struggled with for a long time is my weight.being called fat everyday in school made me think that wow i am fat.so i decided to quit eating and i lost 40Lbs.i was diagnosed with anorexia and i worked on it and i have started to gain the weight now.up 2 pounds so far and still going so i can be healthy again.thats my story.

tiggrr 08-23-06 03:10 PM

Congratulations!! Keep up the good work! Wow! you really are sounding so much better! :D

whatagurl 08-23-06 06:42 PM

it's not easy but i'm doing it for my own good.if i want to be successful in life i have to help myself first.

whatagurl 08-24-06 05:08 PM

it's back and this time it's much worse. my family has pushed me to quit eating once again and i have already begun to lose weight again.

Aries 08-24-06 05:20 PM

Dear, depriving your body of food isn't good. Listening to what other people say & taking it to heart isn't fair to you. People are mean & cruel these days, which is truly sad, but it's reality. You need to start thinking better of yourself, your body, & not letting others put their thoughts into your head so much that you believe it. I've been through that hell, I got so sick I was in the hospital on IV for 5-7 days. It wasn't a good thing either, because when I got back, they watched me like a hawk & would follow me into the bathroom. You don't need any of that.



whatagurl 08-24-06 05:22 PM

that has already happened and i still did what i was going to do in the bathroom while they were watching me.

Aries 08-24-06 05:28 PM

dear, have you seen anybody for this? Have you talked to anybody to let them know that you're still having a problems with this? I'm very concerned for a lot of reasons, but mostly because it's unfair that you're suffering so much. My heart truly hurts for you & all the pain you're in dear. Do you have a friends house, relative, in-law, or somebody that will help you get out of that house?



whatagurl 08-25-06 02:56 PM

i haven't eaten yet today so i'm gonna go try to.be on later.

Bleach23478 08-28-06 12:21 PM

Re: me and anorexia
Iknow how that crap feels. At school they used 2 call me an elephant so i stoped eating.

AbsoluteObsession 11-12-06 10:13 AM

I used to get called fat at school and i am now only just recovering from anorexia and mild bullimia. I hate myself for doing this to my body. No-one should do it.

Try and keep eating. Even though i know it's hard.

I've made myself a chart with help from my closest friends of what i should try and eat in a day. Eating small amounts of food gradually.

I hope this helps.

Keep smiling.

Never give up


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