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Delta40 11-14-08 08:24 AM

Panic attack!
I can't believe it. On the packed to the max train I have started to experience panic attacks. I start thinking I'm going to have a seizure and my breathing gets really erratic. Then my brain goes into overdrive as I tell myself don't panic and of course I do. Just breathe, breathe. Trying to think about non-stressful times is a joke and my mind automatically shifts to all the shit that could possibly stress me out and I imagine it all in a nano-second. It is impossible to sit still and I try to deal with it as the train goes into the city. This has only started happening since my daughter moved home. I am not blaming her but I am aware of the added concerns I have. Now, I am worried that I link the goddamed train to the panic and the two go together. Soon I will just automatically breathe that way everytime I get on a train. This is ridiculous but it happens when I am not even expecting it.

silent cry 11-14-08 12:18 PM

im sorry delta...
do u think it could have something to do with the amount of ppl on the train.. being packed in a crowd.. could u take a less packed train?

i hope these panic attacks pass soon. xxx

Blue Girl 11-14-08 01:27 PM

aw, sorry, delta.
are you usually claustrophobic?

Delta40 11-14-08 04:42 PM

I wish I could but its peak time in the morning going to the city. I'm pretty sure this is about the increased worry going on in my home. I gotta express it somewhere. It happens even while I've got my ipod going....I'm anxious that I will go train = panic attack, which is silly but you know the brains capacity to be irrational. It's ok. I will de-learn it somehow. My fear is having an epileptic seizure. - that's the panic trigger. The vision of me doing this on a packed train is too much. I need to replace that fear with something else. Any ideas?

silent cry 11-15-08 02:24 AM

do u suffer from epilespy?

Delta40 11-15-08 06:26 AM

Well I have epilepsy and try not to suffer from it. My meds have kept the major seizures under control for about 3 years now. I have episodes where I can't process information but that is ok. Its the sudden fear of Oh my God I'm gonna have a fit that I want to get a handle on. I googled some breathing exercises earlier. Maybe that will help.

silent cry 11-15-08 07:20 AM

sorry, i never meant 'suffer with it' in that way..
i hope the breathing exercises work for you.. maybe keep reminding yourself that the meds for it are keeping it under control

Venom 11-16-08 03:00 AM

Panic Attacks are usually unstoppable without some time or meds... I fuckin hate them. Anxiety Attack, Panic Attack, it's all the same to me, sends my brain into overdrive, turns me into a shaking mess, numb hands, eww it's just horrible. A mild benzodiazapine might be able to help you, don't wanna go strong to soon or you'll end up addicted like I am to xanax. Ativan isn't too bad. Sometimes I wake up with them, it's horrible. Hope you can overcome with your breathing techniques maybe I should check that out

Strawbean 11-16-08 08:50 AM

I know there are techniques to help a person overcome such fears. It seems as you have some coping skills, Delta. You must have been dealing with this for a long time.
I know of two pretty good books on Panic/Anxiety if you're interested.
I think what it really comes down to is what would be so bad about having a seizure on the train?
You have had them before and have had survived. What are you afraid of regarding this instance?
I hear that you don't think that this is what's behind your stress, that your home life is causing the increased anxiety.. but it seems that you want to address this fear- on the train...
What would be the worst thing that would likely happen?
I've been on trains before where people passed out + worse. People assisted, trains stopped, emergency crews dispatched..
What if you said, I'm on meds to control it, it probably won't happen, but if it does, it will be ok. I can have a seizure..
Idk if that would help.
I know that when I give myself permission to do things or not do things that sometimes it helps alleviate some pain..
Just a thought. Idk.
I know how thoughts race + circle though.

Delta40 11-16-08 03:05 PM

Thanks for the advice strawbean. The worst thing is apart from the visual of having a seizure is losing bladder and bowel control too. It isn't the worst of course since you could die but from an embarrassment perspective, if you know what I mean.

I will focus on giving myself permission. That sounds really good to me :)

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