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silent cry 11-27-08 08:57 AM

i dont know. :(

Oubliette 01-27-09 09:31 PM


Originally Posted by silent cry (Post 205152)
i dont know. :(

I'll give you a tip to loosing weight while still being able to eat!

Become a Vegan. I'm am totally serious when I say this (as I have been on a vegan diet for 2 months now) you will lose weight, but you will lose it the healthy way.

animal fat stores in the body, it is not good for you at all. fats acquired from fruits, vegetables and nuts/seeds/grains etc are more like a liquid fat and are easily processed by the body.

Milk and dairy products contain hormones and high saturated fat levels. Switch to soy products.

The best thing about being vegan is that you will pick up an item of food in the supermarket and say to yourself 'can I eat this' turn it over and read all of the ingredients...if it has dairy or animal products you tell yourself 'no, i can't eat this' you CAN'T eat it...therefor you won't buy it.

Animal meat had been thought to contain a certain 'magical ingredient' that you can't get from any other food source. This is completely not true. Animal meat does contain several good vitamins, all of which you can obtain from vegetables, fruit and nuts etc.

I wasn't that interested in loosing weight on this diet, and I've been through the struggles of anorexia & bulimia, so I know how it feels...I know what goes through your head, but this diet allows you to eat. You can eat 3 meals and snacks. You can allow yourself to eat more without the panic of gaining weight. and it's incredibly good for you as long as you make sure you're getting enough iron and other essential vitamins.

Not eating will set your body into starvation mode. Your metabolism will slow down close to the rate it is at while sleeping, which means fats are stored in your body and instead, muscle is burned. Trust me on this, I've done it...I've gone through it...and it's not pretty.

I suggest to anyone who are struggling with their body image and thoughts of foods...Vegan is a healthy alternative! Many doctors believe that a vegan diet, over a long period of time...will basically rid you of a majority of your body fat. and you can still enjoy an avocado!....I've been eating avocados almost every day. I haven't been counting calories and I've been eating quite a lot. I still eat natural peanut butter, I do still eat honey (even though this is an animal by-product, I don't believe it is harmful in any way to the bees). I still eat vegan cakes (I make some amazing vegan banana & passionfruit muffins!

OK now I've written a small essay. But anyone who's struggling with an eating disorder please consider this alternative. It allows you to have control over what you eat by reading the labels of everything....and you can still pig out! (I've done this a few times...but trust me...you end up actually getting a healthy appetite when you're cooking your own meals every night).

Watch the YouTube videos on cruelty to animals!.....I'll guarantee you, if that doesn't stop you eating meat and drinking dairy....then nothing will! I've both watched and read several lectures from scientists and doctors regarding a Vegan diet, if anyone have any questions about it please feel free to ask.

love4pancho 01-27-09 09:52 PM

amen oubliette, i have been a strict vegetarian now for 8 years, it is the best way to go.

Oubliette 01-27-09 10:19 PM

*hi-fives love4pancho* =D

Adena 02-06-09 03:19 AM

I started out trying to control my weight with anorexia, but since I've become a vegetarian, I'm a lot healthier and I have the right sort of weight. It is healthier. I agree.

Oubliette 02-09-09 08:15 PM

One of the major problems with anorexia and eating disorders is whether you actually like the look of protruding bones, or whether you just want to be skinnier?

For me...I have to admit I was quite fond of the protruding bones, and I still have trouble controlling those thoughts.

There's just so many factors to consider before you can even really know how to help someone...it's such a secretive illness, just as many things associated with depression can be.

People see these skinny catwalk models and think that starving yourself will produce this, when generally these girls are around 14-15 years old (maybe a little older) and are either on strict diets or are just naturally skinny, it's highly unlikely that they don't ever eat....and generally you can tell which ones don't eat....they look tired, hollowed and ugly.

Adena 02-10-09 06:57 AM

My mother discovered exactly how much my bones were protruding, and she made me eat huge meals every day under her watchful eye. Thank goodness for that. If she hadn't I'd still be anorexic.

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