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vishnu prasad 10-15-14 04:50 AM

Have you tried lucid dreaming?
I love to dream like many others.It will be always great if you can dream anything you love to experience, but just can't experience at wish.I will sleep today targeting some dreams.I don't know if it is lucid dreaming.

But have anyone succeeded dreaming anything you wished?

Gene Poule 10-15-14 09:16 AM

Not really. The closest I've come, is, if I try to go back to sleep quickly after having a good dream, a few times I was able to allow it to continue. I just wish I could stop the nightmares from happening, but those I really have little control of.

Yes its nice when you have some control over your dreams.

I hope more people share their ideas on this topic of "Lucid Dreaming", I'm quite interested myself.

Let us know how you make out with it.

vishnu prasad 10-15-14 11:01 PM

As I was very late to get to bed,I was very tired by then.So couldn't plan of a dream and immediately slept.But I remember a dream I had yesterday.It was of a place which I really like,but was in completely different form which I don't want to see.

vishnu prasad 10-17-14 02:10 AM

I read two chapters of a book on wildlife and badly wanted to dream some big cats or elephants.But I hardly remember any dream,not sure if i had any.

FearofOneSelf 10-17-14 07:24 PM

I have always wanted to try this but I'm on sleeping tabs so they would stop me.

Anyone have any good links to read on this :)

vishnu prasad 10-18-14 02:49 AM

I am not on pills.But I am walking around 12-14 km everyday in four schedules.So I fell asleep as soon as possible.Yesterday's sleep was not planned.I sat and slept for sometime and after a half an hour sleep me then moved to my room.So couldn't plan yesterday too.

vishnu prasad 10-19-14 08:42 AM

Yesterday I was reading a book and once a chapter was over I kept the book aside and just thought about it a while.I slept on the way, lights still on.After a while I woke up switched off lights and again slept.I slept for few minutes and woke up.Then I started imaginations and it felt real for sometime.Don't know if it was lucid dreaming or just a kind of day dream.But it was great.

vishnu prasad 10-20-14 03:30 AM

I tried for a dream yesterday too. But I was bit anxious about the day ahead and all I was dreaming on was the work I had to complete by noon today.So couldn't enjoy the sleep or didn't had a good dream.

vishnu prasad 10-20-14 11:12 PM

Yesterday before going to bed i did mast****tion. After that my imaginations where not working.

The Algea 10-21-14 12:05 AM

Yup. And ever since my first attempt I've suffered from sleep paralysis.

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