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YaecTu 09-30-14 05:02 PM

Some work(s). Mostly negative.
Most of it isn't very good - I don't even try to do shading or coloring most of the time anymore except for abstract stuff. Anyhow, feel free to make comments or not, but please please please please don't compliment any of the stuff I post, even if you do find it good for some reason. This is just a personal preference based on how I take compliments.

Like I mentioned in the title, most stuff I do is negative - thematically, most it would really probably better fit into a journal or one of the other sections, than into the art section, but it is art.

Anyhow - Background for the following picture, although the left side ended up bigger and the right side ended up smaller than I think and wanted.

YaecTu 10-16-14 07:07 PM

Not heavy-handed with the symbolism at all.

RavenDarkLight 12-27-14 09:43 PM

Dear Yaectu: I won't compliment, as requested ... is it okay though to say I enjoyed seeing this art? It said a lot to me about external expectations and inner perceptions, something I often struggle with.

Art never lies, does it. When I get approval for posting attachments, I would like to share some here. I find making art very therapeutic - and it always honours what I really feel and how I really see things.

Thank you for sharing this.

PS - how do you upload the picture in such a large image? If it's okay, I'd appreciate some advice on how to do that. I'm not that tech-savvy.

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