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PenguinLord 09-28-14 01:59 PM

can't go back to sleep~ ima tell u the dream i had
This is one stupid dream my brain has thought of.

I was married and made a promise with my spouse that we'll never have kids. Then he breaks this trust, and causing me to have a kid. The funny thing, I got depress over this. The whole pregnancy flew in a second and the baby boy was born. I wasn't happy with the child, started blaming my spouse for the shit he has done, and he disappears. So I bring the kid to my younger brother, who had a wife. A blonde wife, lol, remembering these details is amusing. And gave him cash to take care of the little fella. Then fast-forward when the fella has a fiancee/gf(?). And his fiancee gets obsess with the fact I didn't want him, because I should love my own son blah blah blah. She tried to get me and my son a get-together which ended horribly. He actually didn't care that I didn't want him, and I wanted to leave, so we sarcastically talked about how we miss each other because the girl wouldn't stop bitching. Then she breaks up with him, because she wanted a mother-in-law she could be happy with...

Yeah........ This could be an interesting story xD but fuck, the giving birth scene in my head was fucking scary... screaming and lots and lots of blood(this was a dream so the blood actually covered the doctors in blood) wished I just woke up during that then seeing that obsess chick at the last part, she was crying how she wanted to love me as a mother? and it slowly fades away, then I woke up.... ;-;

most parts, the scene was like a warping effect. Like you got high or something.

fucking hate dreams... just wanted to share this, since this was the first dream I have/remember in the past months...

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