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Road Ratt 09-26-14 05:47 PM

I have Asperger's
The other day when I saw my counselor she confirmed that I have Asperger's. I took it hard at the time but am slowly coming around to acceptance of this thing I can't control or change, like so many other things in my life.

For those of you who don't know what Asperger's is, here is a good video that details the criteria: Aspergers Syndrome Physiological Psychology Presentation - YouTube

Oh and by the way, Sheldon Cooper's character is a bit of an exaggerated version of a true Aspie. :tongue:

Gene Poule 09-26-14 06:22 PM

Road Ratt,

Firstly, I'm sorry to hear this. However I'm so happy that least you now know what you are dealing with, and will be getting the treatment you so deserve.

We will always love you here

Gene Poule

pixystyx 09-26-14 06:55 PM

((((((((((road ratt))))))))))

Dave86 09-26-14 07:03 PM

sorry to hear that
wish you the best.

SensualGirl 09-26-14 10:01 PM


123Noon321 09-27-14 05:37 AM

Sorry to hear that Ratt. :hug:

But hey, Sheldon is at least coolest guy from all series anyways :wink:

Road Ratt 09-27-14 09:59 AM

^I'll take that as a compliment since I'm such a cool guy myself! :biggrin:

Thanks everyone, I'm feeling the love. :heart:

Patricia E 09-29-14 02:59 PM

I, too, am Aspie.

I don't really take it hard. It's better that I have an explanation for the way I am than no explanation at all.

I was never formally diagnosed, but in my case it was pretty obvious -- once I learned what Asperger's is.

And treatment, Gene? There really is no treatment as far as I know, although I seem to be less Aspie than I was.


Road Ratt 09-30-14 08:56 PM

Hello Pat. :wave:

From what I understand many older Aspies like myself have difficulties with accepting the diagnoses of Asperger's. I believe, in my case, it's a lack of understanding what Asperger's is that made me doubt the diagnoses. The more I've looked into the subject and watched videos the more I see myself in so much of it that there is no doubt left in my mind the diagnoses is correct.

YoukaiShifter 10-07-14 05:38 AM

Well.. I feel like people with autism (esp high functioning) just have high qualities in certain areas and defasites in others.. I was diagnoised with Pervasive Developmental Disorder when I was in High School (PDD is a form of autism. Dont fit criteria for aspergers or classic) I kinda feel like.. theres a lot people on the spectrum can offer. It's just figuring out what that is.

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