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Amie 10-07-08 01:16 PM

Regarding suicide references & off-topic posts in the Depression Forum
Dear Members,

The Depression Forum is for depression-related topics only. It is not for the discussion of suicide. If you would like to talk about suicide, please do so in the Suicide Forum. This is to protect potentially fragile members who may be trying to avoid being triggered by suicide related topics and do not expect to find them in the Depression Forum.

Also, please do not use the Depression Forum to discuss non-depression related topics. We have many forums dedicated to the discussion of specific subject matter, and non-depression related topics will be moved to the appropriate forum. Please help us keep the community organized by starting your thread in the most appropriate forum.

By using the appropriate forums to share experiences and give and receive advice, members who have similar experiences or are facing the same challenges can easily find your messages and participate, while members who are triggered by such topics can avoid them.

Thank you for understanding. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us by making a new thread in Contact Moderators.

Thank you,
The TTL Team

aquielisunari 04-05-09 02:26 PM

manic depression
I need a place where I can chat about what I am going through. It is so impersonal or frustrating to just post in a forum and not speak one on one in a chat room.

Meadow 04-12-09 01:17 PM

Posting about your struggles is the best option. The Lighter Side and personal messages are reserved for light-hearted chat only. This is partly to keep members from feeling solely responsible for another's well-being. If you post, everyone can offer support. Sometimes you will find that people respond right away to your posts. If not, and it is an emergency, please call a hotline or someone for help if you need it.
If not an emergency, please do try posting, there are a lot of supportive members here. You will get to know us, and it should help the feeling that it is impersonal.

Ella 08-10-11 04:57 PM

Dear members,

I want to remind you all of our guideline about "off topic posts":

Q) Please post about your own issues in your own thread. While you are of course welcome and encouraged to let members know that you can relate to them, please do not launch into full blown descriptions/discussions of your own issues in another member's support thread unless it is specifically tailored for the purpose of providing support to that member. Similarly, please do not take another member's thread off topic by starting or participating in an off topic discussion in a member's thread that the member did not start themselves.
Please create your own threads whenever you'd like to talk about your feelings and needs. To start a new thread you can click on the "new thread" button: https://www.takethislife.com/images/b.../newthread.gif

Thank you for understanding. If you have questions or concerns, please make a new thread in the Contact Moderators forum. This forum is confidential and any threads you create there will be visible only to yourself and members of the TTL team.

Best wishes,

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