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sook 08-28-14 06:05 PM

Fellow form members,

I just thought that I would leave you with a success story. I have fought through 7 episodes of Major Depression since the age 28, I am now 57. Every time I thought I would never recover and would have to live my life in misery. But after approximately 8 months I would always pull out of them, the first two times with NO medication ( break ups with girlfriends – BROKEN HEART club ) since I figured the broken heart would always mend. The third time was over a girl also but this time I was scheduled to see a pdoc. and put on Antidepressants, and yes I pulled out of that one to. But the last four times I have needed mediation. But after I would start feeling better I would wean myself off the meds. and last a couple of years before I had another meltdown.

My 7th episode started almost 11 months ago over work / life stressors and I had been off my medication for 1 years. So back on at least 7 different meds. and finally was put on Fetzima and Saphris and in the last two weeks my Depression and Anxiety have complexly lifted and I feel like a million bucks. I have been on 120mg of Fetzima and 10mg of Saphris for 8 weeks – so give it time and hang in there.

The moral of the story, when you have an illness take care of yourself – Don’t get off your meds. !!! EVER

Thank ALL of you for your time and support – this forum was wonderful and really helped me out !


Venom 08-29-14 08:59 PM

Glad to hear that sook :smile: feel free to drop in anytime if anything's buggin ya! :hug:

sook 08-30-14 05:17 PM

Thanks Venom !

I Wish & Hope the BEST for ALL of you !

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