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Gene Poule 08-26-14 02:48 PM

Please give life a chance
Today was a day of deep thinking for me. I've been thinking about what I would like to say for a while. Just, not able to really express it, until today. Hope it comes out right.

I took a short walk today. During this time, was reflecting on something.

We are a supportive community here. Give us a chance, and we'll listen to what you have to say/write. If you create a thread, check out the views. People are reading your thread, only, maybe possible, that others may just not have the words to offer the right advice.

We have a certain section of the forum, for those times you are in desperate need of help. This is there for a reason. Don't feel as if you cannot utilize it, if you are in a crisis situation.

I was having some deep, dark, ugly thoughts that I'd like to share with the forum.

Thinking about folks that followed through with the job. Some of them never told a soul. Never reached out. Made the decision to exit life quietly. This is not good!

I was realizing something, myself. When I've come to that ugly place, I've utilized the section of the forum, myself. Possibly, too many times to count. I was asking for help. I was asking to be talked out of it.

If I were going to make that terrible choice, you would never know. Trust me! I'm NOT at that point yet. This why I'm here.

That is just plain sad.

TTL is here for a reason. Improve your life. We all are struggling in some way.

Reach out for help, in any way possible.

Dave86 08-26-14 10:39 PM

Amen Gene

DPG1 11-16-14 10:24 PM

Thank you for sharing this Gene. I don`t know exactly what else to say but you`ve given me something else to think about.

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