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tryinghardgirl 08-11-14 07:13 AM

Run Every Time
We got two tickets but the one way
And I went with it so I canít say no

I lit a fuse I canít stop
I opened doors I canít lock

Still, I never meant to be this close
And let it slip away

I keep stumbling till I finally miss the last train

Ooh, sheís ready, Iím not ready
I hear people go crazy for steady

But me, I run every time.

This song is killing me. Mentally. I can't hear it without breaking. I start crying.
It always happens to me. They run every time. And I can't stop thinking that its my fault. That its me who's wrong. Like I'm not good enough. I always feel bad about myself.. And when this happens I can't stop crying. It literally kills me on the inside knowing that Ill never be good enough.. :unsure:

Crystal Orb 08-11-14 11:51 AM

Stop listening to the song. Find another one that helps you.

123Noon321 08-11-14 12:05 PM

There is much much much positive songs, that will make you forget that one. I find instrumentals very helpful, since there is no words to guide you there, your mind chooses path himself.

Best luck. :)

castout 08-11-14 10:18 PM

you are feeling comfortable with this song, you relate to it, even though it makes you cry. So you listen over and over and over again. I know the feeling all too well.

When you can, do try to find some other songs that will change your mood, maybe take a look at the inspiring music topic. When I am down and I have to go to work despite wanting to just stay in bed hiding all day, I have playlsts of music or custom CDs ready to help get me going.

tryinghardgirl 08-14-14 12:13 PM

Its just because it were my favorite song before all this happened, so its very hard to let it go..

123Noon321 08-14-14 01:01 PM

Sometimes we must leave some things behind. there are millions and millions of songs out there, you will find a better one. :hug:

pixystyx 08-15-14 12:41 PM

songs are strange that way... when you're happy, you hear the music, when you're sad you hear the words...

and i understand how songs can make you feel, i get "stuck" on certain songs myself.. try to mix up the songs, play different ones, get a bit of variety.

and you are good enough, do not let a song, or anyone, tell you you are not... believe in you..


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