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Venom 08-04-14 11:44 PM

Success since you last heard from me
Well besides my current situation at the moment.... Which is posted seperately, since the last time you've seen me I have had some good things happen in my life -

I got a 20-30 felony manufacturing marijuana with intent to sale case DROPPED (2 years - I can no longer be charged with it, statute of limitations kicks ass) - which I didn't do it, there were about 13 plants growing near the house me and 3 other people lived at, they arrested only me because I had a misdameanor possession charge when I was just a teen. Lame. But I NOW FACE NO PRISON TIME. That's what matters.

After running around like a chicken with my head cut off buying meds on the street I got a reliable psychiatrist who I don't have to pay too much to see. He understands my general problems and prescribes me medication that really has helped my night terrors and suicidal/self harmful tendancies, even if benzos aren't supposed to be used for years on end he understands I will have worse relapses and can go into a seizure. As long as I don't sell my meds, take them like I'm supposed to, and keep them locked up (which I do all three, I DON'T SELL DRUGS, I don't "party" with xanax, and I definetly know people will steal them and if a child takes them bad things can happen - I'm just all about staying balanced now)

Well bad things have happened too, but that's not important - What's important is I have a job at a retail store now even if it is part time I'm employed I can say that. Plus part time is prolly just the right amount of job for me until I can get a pension for my mental disabilities.


Road Ratt 08-05-14 03:15 AM

That's great. It's nice to hear that people can have successes, keep up the good work! :thumbsup:

Gene Poule 08-05-14 03:55 AM

You are a shining example of how a man can truly change, and turn his life around.

I can only hope things in your life will improve for you now.

I wish you luck, success, and the opportunity to achieve your goals. You can/will help others with your experiences. You've shared your life with us here. That really means something.

Never give up :wink:

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