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ArtTardis 07-25-14 03:29 AM

My suicidal thoughts have been getting worse
Hi, i'm new here.. I really need help right now, my thoughts have been getting really bad to the point where i do attempt it... I don't know what to do.. i want to make it stop. When i get the thoughts i mostly think that my mom would be happier without me anyway and that i'm a fat waste of space. I really want these thoughts to stop because i need to be here for a few people, but when i get these thoughts i seem to forget about them. Please... does anyone have any ideas on how to make these thoughts stop... please tell me..

Strawbean 07-26-14 10:54 AM

Hi ArtTardis,

Is there anything that leads to these thoughts?

Could you talk to someone there about what's going on?

Btw, most mothers would never be happier without their children, no matter how much trouble(etc.) they think they are.

Keep writing here. I know that you can't tell us what suicidal thoughts that you have really, but why are you having them?
Many of us have been there and plagued by such thoughts, so you're not alone.

I think that it depends on what's going on. Is there something that you can get more support with? Something you're afraid of or sad about?

When thoughts just won't let me be, and nothing else can help at that instant in time (f.eks. medicine is taken, psych appt next week..etc.), I might write here. Or call/visit a friend. Or distract myself. Watch a movie, play a game.
That's often short term, but it helps during the "bad days."
Art (painting, photography), Music (playing or listening) and writing (poetry, journaling, stories) help me express feelings..
Or just listening to other people here + trying to help.

Keep writing, ok? :hug:

Dave86 07-26-14 11:38 AM

Tell someone what is going through your mind. If people are simply
telling you to get over it find someone else to tell until you find
someone that will really listen. Don't try and deal with this on
your own. Keeping such feelings bottled up is bad. Having thoughts
that people would be better off without you is a bad sign. I have been
on both sides of this. There is nothing to be ashamed about.

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