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SensualGirl 07-20-14 05:21 PM

Emotional Masochism?
I was lost in thought recently and a strange idea entered my mind: maybe I think being surrounded by love isn't interesting enough. Maybe I think happy is sappy.

Maybe I want the pain of what the figments say because I love drama and pain. Maybe it makes me feel more alive.

Is this dangerous?

What do you think?

123Noon321 07-20-14 06:12 PM

I dont think that you are masochist. No one loves emotional pain, at least not their own emotional pain. I dont know what else to say, sorry, lol :(

SensualGirl 07-20-14 06:24 PM

Thanks for weighing in. I agree with you that masochism is not the answer. I will take your advice to do self-talk.:hug:

Anastassia Florine 09-14-14 04:10 PM

There's pain and there's pain. True pain, depression, is something that is impossible to want. Then there's the love type of pain, which is a gift from God that nobody should ever want to rid themselves of. The two are polar opposites.

I am an emotional masochist in the sense that I love to cry for people, for animals and even for objects. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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