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PenguinLord 06-27-14 02:25 PM

lil poems
A child born under the eyes of the stars.
As the wind whispers sweet lullaby to the child
darkness seek's a victim tonight,
but the gentle light of the moon
protects the child from harm.
The sun peeks at the new life,
smiling upon the new born
the wind slowly stops its lullaby
and the gentle light of moon
cease to shine.
Resting for the next battle against the darkness.
The child cries.

PenguinLord 07-16-14 08:04 PM

The silent voices dwell within me
Whispering tales of unknown truth
Muttering those dying ones
Shouting lies I'm starting to succumb
into the deeps of blindness
With no thought
A voice shut down
For others to be heard
Muted to be controlled
and no one to help

PenguinLord 07-22-14 04:48 PM

[warning: this post contains shit]

title:Piece Of Shit

I am a piece of shit, because being a full shit means your time has ended. Being a piece of shit is a symbol of being alive since you're just a piece of something that can be more! Get a piece of everything to form something else. You can grab a piece of cloth and have a shitty cloth. Or you can get different kinds of shit and combined it with your shit! To have an abomination of shit! But wait! before this post gets deleted! Think about it. It could be metaphoric. We were all delicious food eaten, digested in the stomach and lay waste in the toilet. Meaning! We give our all to life and in return. We are gifted as being a piece of shit. The result of success! The indication that the job is done! but not dead since you're still here to make some more shit! YOU ARE A PIECE OF SHIT! WEAR IT WITH PRIDE :D

This post is for entertainment purpose only. Nothing above must be taken seriously or literally. Thank you for not editing this (rather have this deleted than edited) :D if I did violate a rule. well shit. May this piece of shit touch hearts among those who see this piece of shit. Peace out! heart sign.

jeanesteem7 08-02-14 01:02 PM

I love your honesty and depth and reality of knowing what you're feeling. I like the way you are not afraid to express who you are and write through your issues. I think your advice is invaluable. jeanne

PenguinLord 08-03-14 10:33 AM

lol well thank you, it was just actually an excuse to write about shit. :runaway:

but i'm glad someone finds it useful haha

PenguinLord 10-08-14 12:39 AM

title: Desperation to get out

I heard voices
Deep down in the abyss I was in
They called out
Calling someone's name
Who are they calling?

Days passed, and the voices dwindled
a few days of silence above
and another voices called out
Calling the same name over and over again
The voice stopped and started to cry

The darkness covered any sound going out
it masked the screams of the others
asking for help
I remained silent
and started looking for a way out
A way back to those who might have called my name
or to those who I left
Dead or alive, I will return to them
So please wait for me
Please don't give up on me

PenguinLord 10-29-14 01:33 PM

What do you call an artist that can't do art?


get it? 'an ist' sorta sounds like artist, and you remove 'art' from 'artist' so... ist?.. hahaha... I'm pathetic, lol.

PenguinLord 11-12-14 08:33 AM

A feeling of nothingness
To see people, yet I feel no one is there
Losing my mind in simple things
Screaming in my head
Silent outside
Everything seems to be too much
Losing my sanity
When it's the only thing saving me
No savior
No hero
Lost in my vast mind of emptiness
Silence is my company
and Insanity will be my path
to a life of sanity
in a world full of bullshit

PenguinLord 02-11-15 06:43 AM

Who knew?
Who knew you were my savior
My savior, My light, My sun and stars
You showed me a brighter path
A future I wanted to be in
With you by my side, but...
Who knew...
You were the one to bring so much chaos
All the pain in betweens
It grows, only little by little
But the pain has numb
So every tiny strike, feels like a sword pierce in my heart
Who knew
You are both my saving light and downfall

PenguinLord 02-18-15 09:42 AM

Floats in the air like clouds
Passing through or to stay to create some rain
A gentle rain, soon turned into a storm
Hoping it would pass
but no
The sun is gone
The sun is gone
No where to be seen
Only the tears of the sky
Weeping for the lost light

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