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dreamer777 05-07-14 03:13 AM

People were so nice to me today
Since I work from home and I don't really have any friends, most of my human interactions aside from my family are limited to customer service (going to the grocery store, coffee shop, etc.) and because customer service is atrocious these days it often leaves me in a very bad mood.

That was not the case today though. Sometimes I get really chipper and chatty and I notice it's like infectious and when I am in one of these moods, usually the customer service person will be in a good mood too. Today I was craving this small fast food shop in the mall and I went there and I must've been smiling thinking of the food because the person smiled and greeted me. We had a nice chat and I made a joke when she offered me a large drink. Before I left, she gave me a stamp card with extra stamps because she said I was nice.

I then walked over to this cake shop (junk food binge, I know) that I wanted to see and I assured the man I was just looking but he joked that the cakes taste better when I eat them instead of look at them. He was nice, so I offered to buy something for my mom. He then gave it to me for free.

I was on a roll. I should've went to another store to see what would happen (third time's a charm right?).

I also had a job that I've been freaking out about and I thought I would cancel because I needed more time, but they just told me to take all of the time I need. So thankfully I'll still receive a sizable income this month. Wow. It's amazing.

This was a great end to what started as a shit day.

Yang Yin 05-07-14 06:39 PM


Happy for you :)

somedayguy 05-07-14 08:22 PM

Great news....!

Happy as well.

dreamer777 05-07-14 09:16 PM

Thanks guys for sharing in my happiness :)

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