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Road Ratt 04-27-14 02:39 PM

Your "Feel Good" theme song?
What song do you feel describes you most when you're feeling good? You can also post what song(s) you listen to when you're feeling good as well.

Here is my feel good theme song:

Conjure One - Center Of The Sun (Feat. Poe) - YouTube

Outis 04-27-14 06:16 PM

Shonen Knife-Flying Jelly Attack - YouTube

mhiggins 04-30-14 08:11 PM

This is going to sound really mainstream and lame, but there's no better song for me to lift my mood and make me feel good than 'Happy' by Pharrell. It's definitely overplayed, and a lot of people hate it, but I could listen to that song over and over and never get sick of it.

Doruir 05-01-14 06:05 AM

It's so hard to choose but in the moment, it's Nujabes - Aruarian dance - YouTube

Makica 07-21-14 08:50 AM

I dont really know which one could describe my feelings, but im pretty sure this one always makes me feel good and even happy and cheerful for these 4mints.
Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video) - YouTube

123Noon321 07-22-14 09:20 AM


Definitely this one, it keeps me cheerful while i listen to it, Angels And Airwaves - Everything's Magic

Gene Poule 07-22-14 09:31 AM

^just listened to it. Nice, thanks for sharing it:)

This ones been on my mind even though she doesn't like to be seen. SIA Live from Ellen.


Gene Poule 07-25-14 01:04 PM

Brings bath good a bad. Do need both.

Bee Gees - Night Fever (1977) - YouTube

123Noon321 07-25-14 05:29 PM

Nice. (:

Gene Poule 08-01-14 02:00 AM

I still love this one. Funny VID though, and the comments were silly. I don't know I'd click on the blogpost though ;)

Easy lover - Phill Collins (HQ) - YouTube

ChingCobbie 08-01-14 03:17 AM

First Time by Lifehouse [Youtube] :music:

ImNotHere 08-01-14 05:07 AM

Either one of these

Akron/Family - Sun Will Shine (Warmth of the Sunship version)

Akron/Family - Gone Beyond

Gene Poule 08-04-14 07:26 AM

Corny, I know. Still listening to it though.

Mariah Carey - Fanstay


123Noon321 08-04-14 10:35 AM

Owl City - Umbrella Beach

Its really cheery song. (:


Road Ratt 08-04-14 05:06 PM

Listener "Wooden Heart" - YouTube

123Noon321 08-04-14 05:49 PM


Coldplay - Paradise

Gene Poule 08-05-14 10:20 PM

Beyoncé - Irreplaceable - YouTube

Love It:heart:

Gene Poule 08-07-14 11:24 PM


She always turns my day around - never get sick of it.

Jessie J - Domino

123Noon321 08-08-14 04:59 AM

Nice one, havent heard it in a while, i dont follow todays music much.


pixystyx 08-08-14 07:04 AM


ImNotHere 08-08-14 08:09 AM

Muse - Feeling Good - YouTube

Crystal Castles - Good Time - YouTube

Sleeping At Last - Households - Youtube

123Noon321 08-08-14 08:22 AM

Bob Marley - Could you be loved - Lyrics - YouTube

I like that song that pixy posted and Muse from ImNotHere, nice songs

Road Ratt 08-08-14 08:18 PM

Lullaby - Assemblage 23

Lullaby - YouTube

This is such a beautiful song and the lyrics are very uplifting imo.

castout 08-11-14 08:56 PM

Been listening to this moldy thing from 1978 lately. I had the album/tape blasting almost daily back then. I'd forgot completely about this song until a few months ago.

Reo Speedwagon - Blazin' Your Own Trail Again - YouTube

Gene Poule 08-18-14 12:11 PM


Smooth - Santana

Road Ratt 08-18-14 12:16 PM

This is one of my favorite new go to songs when I'm feeling down.


Nahko Bear (Medicine for the People) ღ Aloha Ke Akua

Venom 08-18-14 10:35 PM

Eminem - Stronger Than I Was (Music Video) - YouTube

Emilyx4 08-19-14 01:56 PM


KRSukaru 08-19-14 04:10 PM

??????????(You Kikkawa[Why Not]) ?MV? - YouTube

Road Ratt 08-19-14 05:56 PM

OMNIA (Official) - I don't speak Human - YouTube

Gene Poule 08-21-14 09:25 PM


Yeah, a bit sad, but makes me happy. Hope somebody will actually listen to it.

Jeffrey Steele - What Hurts The Most

Dave86 08-21-14 09:29 PM


Venom 08-22-14 12:20 AM

THEME SONG: Good Times - YouTube

Gene Poule 08-23-14 12:35 PM


Broken Wing

Road Ratt 08-23-14 02:38 PM

Nahko and Medicine For The People - Budding Trees (Official Video) - YouTube

Gene Poule 08-24-14 08:56 PM


Ain't Nobody - Chaka Khan

Road Ratt 08-26-14 12:59 AM

Bif Naked - Everyday - YouTube

Gene Poule 08-26-14 06:19 PM


Sara Bareilles - Smile

Road Ratt 08-27-14 08:21 PM

The Sound Of Sunshine - Michael Franti & Spearhead


Gene Poule 08-29-14 12:37 PM

Stevie Nicks - Edge of Seventeen - YouTube

One Winged Dove - Stevie Nicks

Road Ratt 08-29-14 04:22 PM

Linda Perry Sunny April Afternoon - YouTube

Gene Poule 08-30-14 01:07 PM


Its A Good Day - Peggy Lee

Road Ratt 09-05-14 03:50 PM

Lisa Mitchell Coin Laundry - YouTube

Gene Poule 09-15-14 04:10 AM

Estiva - I Feel Fine (Piano Mix) (HD) - YouTube

Road Ratt 09-15-14 11:03 AM

Maesyn - The Seer (music video) - YouTube

Gene Poule 09-18-14 12:59 AM

Estiva - Next Level (Original Mix) - YouTube

Road Ratt 09-18-14 01:39 AM

Ingrid Michaelson "Be OK" (Photage Version) - YouTube

Gene Poule 09-27-14 05:32 PM

MARIAH CAREY - FANTASY (TheSerdar Remix) HQ Sound - YouTube

Road Ratt 09-27-14 06:13 PM

Nahko and Medicine For The People - Risk It - YouTube

Zanneiros 10-03-14 11:21 AM


Baba Yetu - Peter Hollens & Malukah

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