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PenguinLord 10-07-14 06:35 AM



Road Ratt 10-07-14 11:43 AM

Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine (unreleased version) - YouTube

Aries 10-07-14 09:46 PM

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...&v=Mh3Au31Mqmo (saving me)

Elizinator 10-31-14 05:47 PM


DPG1 12-20-14 10:48 PM

`Marathon` By Rush. Kept that in my head during my career change.

'You're only Human (Second Wind)' by Billy Joel whenever I feel like a major screw up.

`Hold on` by Triumph whenever I feel like quitting.

As for one `Feel Good` theme song, sorry, I can`t decide on which one.

EnevKetBaxeth 11-20-15 09:17 PM

This will be very strange, but I really think this song puts my self love to it's highest capacity (I have self-hate problems)
(Beware! There be cussing!)

EDIT: This song encapsulates my attitude (not oftenly) when another person tells me to kill myself. Sometimes, I ignore it, and I'm like, 'Ha-ha, they think they have power over another person. Ha!'

StillLife 12-17-15 03:02 PM

Galaxy 2 Galaxy - Journey of the Dragons
An uplifting Detroit Techno track that helps me keep my resolve when life throws me an obstacle. The Bruce Lee scan also helps, haha.


Fluffy Clouds 12-22-15 05:01 PM

What a great collection of songs, I loved Conjure One - Centre of the Sun. Wow!! I felt like I was soaring in the chorus. I love those two songs, the words really speak to my heart :) Just can't choose one:
Anchor by Mindy Gledhill: https://youtu.be/cB3BWmCOW2Y
White Dandelions by Nikki Forova: https://youtu.be/onMgoqHS_0w
Just so inspiring and true about life's journey!

Zanneiros 01-03-16 12:08 AM

JAM Project - THE HERO

This inspirational song is GUARANTEED motivate you

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