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iNdulge 04-16-14 06:39 AM

Nightmares or Dreams I remember
I've had a lot of these over the past year.

Usually I'm being raped & murdered.

Last night I awoke & remembered another crazy arsed dream.

I had two doors, & there was this white rabbit, that was mine I guess. This took place in my apartment, sort of. IRL my apt only has one door. A couple of crazies two men at first were the only one's entering & re entering my suite. & than there were other's that helped them throughout the night, I could hear the screaming throughout the apt building hallways. I kept running back & forth trying to re lock my doors. They weren't side my side, there was an area between, so I kept having to run around this area, & knocking into things to get to my doors. It was dark, & I had trouble seeing. They would mysteriously unlock a door, & only open it a little bit or not at all. This drove me crazy, because when they would come in they would come at me with a knife. I finally found a large blade myself to use on the attackers.

Every time I would come back home, the white rabbit was up on my bed, that was my first clue in that something was wonky. How did he get up there? You have to climb a ladder!! The second time, there was my white rabbit, & a cat.... sitting up there staring at me. IRL yesterday my manager of the building ran into me asking if I'd misplaced a cat...lol ( hello kitty in my subconscious mind)

That was the first sign that someone was letting themselves into my place. & than I came around the corner of my apartment & ran smack into a young man, of which I did not find attractive. But he was like a magnet, & I was so completely turned off by him, but I couldn't get away from him. He was too strong, he grabbed me & pulled me to him, & just started kissing me, & I couldn't get away. I couldn't breath. He was one of the men that kept trying to re enter my apartment.

I finally took my white rabbit in my arms, & got out of the building, but I was afraid I was going to run into one of these crazy blood thirsty people. I ran into the streets, & into someone's home, & found more bunnies. No one was home & it was eery, I found a carrying case for my white rabbit, & there were more bunnies in it, which I plopped out onto the ground, & put my rabbit in, & zipped him up. All of the new bunnies followed me, there were about 9 of them, an angora, some dwarf, lion head, all different breeds. I led them to safety. Someone was chasing or tracking us. Than we ran into a man, he was tall, strong, but mysterious, but not there to hurt us. That's all I remember.

iNdulge 05-28-14 04:14 AM

You know when you first start nodding off to sleep, & sometimes happen right into dream land. For years I would do this, & control the dreams so that I could get into a deeper sleep. Or sometimes I would just let it work it self out....


I hate those dreams where you are still half in & half out. Basically, just nodding off, & in the dream you fall off of a cliff, or you're smucked by a vehicle or you trip or something, & your body jerks & you awake fully but uncomfortably so? Yea yea...that's mine lately.

I also cannot eat before bed or nightmares will ensue. Especially cookies. IDK why this one is.

Anyhow, I do not enjoy being jerked awake, it's almost like a triggering effect.

When I was younger, there were two homes I grew up in. One where I could relax when I went to sleep, & the other where I was always seemingly on high alert to every creak & movement in the home. Will I be yelled at? Will I be threatened? Will I be bullied/belittled/ or scared in some way shape or form? I had a hard time relaxing to sleep in this home, & when I am jerked awake like that, it for some reason always puts my mind on that same feeling of high alert when I was a young child. For just those few jarring seconds. It isn't pleasant.

iNdulge 09-12-15 08:13 PM

Lately again, I've had more rape dreams. Just odd off the wall dreams. I have started to stress a bit more again. I do well at that it seems.

Lost45 03-22-17 12:32 PM

INdulge, hi. I am going through a similar kind of thing where in the nightmares, I would call them,
reoccur very frequently. It is mostly my death that is being portrayed. It happens in the most gruesome of ways. I can't say that rape nightmares are common. But I see myself getting killed almost every night. I also saw myself committing suicide. This had caused me to pull all nighters and stay on high alert. I was paranoid that there was a pair of eyes watching me sleep. Like there was noone in my room but someone was watching me, looking for a chance to end my life. And then when that person was finally sure that I was asleep he would come out from the darkness and climb over me, hold me in place and place a knife over my throat. And as soon as he moved, I would wake up. I grew very anxious and used to pace my room frantically.
This dream grew on me and it made me very paranoid in the daily life too.
PS I can't even start to describe the disoriented man that came out of the shadows. It still gives me creeps.

Enddays 03-26-17 02:25 PM

I seem to have hellish nightmare, after death and what comes after, I seem to end up in hell when I can remember my dreams. I wake up screamnd and covered in sweat but the full extend of my nightmares I can't remember. It is always dark, gloomy and scary, a place without meaning, if you know what I mean.

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