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sumbody 03-25-14 04:08 PM

Exercise does nothing for my depression
Well maybe if the depression is reactionary, but depression is a problem with your MIND and SPIRIT, what does getting in shape have to do with ANYTHING? I guess it can get you in a better headspace, but it only does this for a few hours out of the day. Useless. And I exercise tons every day. In fact feeling deprived of food because I'm trying to lose weight unleashes more of my depression.

CrystalVisions 03-26-14 07:13 AM

Hi sumbody. I think you need to think of exercising as something you do in addition to doing other things to make your depression better, if that makes sense. I agree with you-- exercise on its own is not sufficient to make you feel better. I am a long-distance runner, and I always have been, even when I was feeling really, really badly every day a few years ago.

I am much happier now, however, and when I don't exercise, I feel ten hundred times worse. My suggestion is to think of exercise as part of a combination of things you need to do for yourself. Don't give up or stop just because it hasn't been a golden ticket to being Not Depressed, you know what I mean?

Hope this helps a little bit. <3

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