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distorted innocence 08-15-06 03:57 PM

sad movies!!!
my list of sad movies

pay it forward
mom at sixteen
painful secrets
secrete cutting
the passion of the christ

boulevard-traveler 08-18-06 01:50 PM

How about Fox and the Hound? I always cried at that movie, as well as My Dog Skip.

painfully numb 08-18-06 01:52 PM

good god Fox and the Hound
now that is just too sad.
that movie is gut wrenching for me

boulevard-traveler 08-18-06 01:56 PM

When I saw Lion King for the first time, I cried.

suicidal_girl 08-18-06 02:06 PM

has ne1 ever seen Two Brothers? i didnt like it cuz it mad me almost cry.

boulevard-traveler 08-18-06 03:17 PM

No, I haven't. Is it good though?

suicidal_girl 08-18-06 03:33 PM

its good/sad...

boulevard-traveler 08-18-06 03:39 PM

Well, another sad movie is Corpse Bride. I always get sad when I hear the song Tears to Shed.

painfully numb 08-18-06 03:42 PM

i cry at the end of edward scissorhands every single time.

boulevard-traveler 08-18-06 03:45 PM

I got sad during the end of Sixth Sense. Very powerful.

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