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silent cry 04-27-08 06:50 AM

a child called 'it'
ive just started reading this... after the first page i was already in tears.. such a sad book... about half way thru already.

its so awful to read and know that it actually happened to a real boy :( no-one should ever be treated like he was

silent cry 04-27-08 09:45 AM

Re: a child called 'it'
finished the book now.. took me about 3 hours or less to read.. for someone that never reads, it takes a really good book for me to be able to read it so quick.

dont think ive ever cried all the way thru a book b4... it really is a sad book :( but so inspiring

Blue Girl 04-27-08 11:57 AM

Re: a child called 'it'
i don't think i'd want to read it. just the title makes me feel awful. :( glad it was inspiring, though. what was inspiring about it?

silent cry 04-27-08 12:09 PM

Re: a child called 'it'
was inspiring beacuse no matter what the poor boy went thru he didnt give up... he had a will to survive, and in the end he was free and made something of himself

Blue Girl 04-27-08 07:33 PM

Re: a child called 'it'
well, that's good! still don't think i'd like to read it, tho. hearing about kids suffering is sometimes too hard 4 me to handle.

silent cry 04-28-08 12:39 AM

Re: a child called 'it'
thats fair enough

frustrated 04-28-08 09:06 PM

Re: a child called 'it'
My hubby has it. As a counselor he likes to read that sort of thing. I've not read it yet cause I didn't think I could handle it, but maybe I could. He said it was really good. Glad you liked it.

boulevard-traveler 04-29-08 10:16 AM

Re: a child called 'it'
I read it too and I liked it...

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