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Lose_My_Self 04-05-08 04:31 AM

It's another triligoy by Scott Westerfeld{Uglies Series author} and they are very good books. Like, in this town Bixby, Oklahoma at midnight everything stands sitll for exactly one hour and only certain people can still mvoe around and stuff.
it sounded retarded, but it awesome. I would suggest them to anyone. 0-0 I told my mother to read them, in fact.
She stared at me like I was insane. xD

silent cry 04-08-08 06:38 AM

LOL. sounds interesting

would b fun if time stood still and i could still move round and do things :)

LostInDarkness 04-14-08 11:39 PM

yeah i read this series too, it did seem alittle wierd when my friend told me to read them but i did end up really enjoying them, i would suggest anyone looking for a book to read them. i havent read anything else by westerfeld though

Lose_My_Self 04-25-08 10:13 AM

Re: Midnighters
Westerfeld is freakin' brillance personified. XD
I loved the books, they are odd sounding, but really well done.
like, for realz. xD

Bella 07-09-08 02:14 PM

Re: Midnighters
*nods head* I agree, this series was really good, although i only got to read the first two books...and sadly i wasnt able to find the third untill like a year or two later and by then i felt i should restart the series to be able to understand everything in the third book...so now i need to track down number one and reread that (i only own number two).

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