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udevi 02-03-14 08:00 PM

21 Tips to keep your shit together when you're depressed (article)
The DIY Couturier ? 21 Tips to Keep Your Shit Together When You're Depressed.

There are a handful of pearls of wisdom throughout, especially liked the 'let go or be dragged' bit.

oliveoyl 02-03-14 08:19 PM

Good article. Thanks. :hug:

dreamer777 02-03-14 10:18 PM

Thanks. I can't say this article helped me specifically as I was in a flaming rage when I read it and none of the points really speak to me. But I am calmer now. Calm enough to type this message. Thank you udevi. Good timing.

whatsarahsaid 02-04-14 12:40 AM

I found this helpful. Thanks for sharing!

Nyxx 02-04-14 05:03 AM

Well written and helpful. Made me smile a little. Thank you for sharing this :)

udevi 02-04-14 05:37 AM

You're all very welcome.

TooNumbToFeel 05-06-14 08:59 PM

I've made sure to save those tips for rainy days, I do wish I could be more open with my emotions like some of the tips suggest but it's so difficult when all you feel is nothing, not even direct sadness. Still, a very interesting and delightful read, I appreciate you posting this :)

Anastassia Florine 09-21-14 10:10 AM

Yay! I know how this person feels; some of these so-called happy people are not happy with depressed people, therefore they are not happy either.

Other tips are great too. It's funny too; makes me less depressed. Like, "Don't read anything that won the Pulitzer Prize." Because they tend to favor depressing books, LOL.

Gene Poule 09-21-14 10:23 AM

OMG, this is a pretty good article, sort of game me a chuckle, too. I'll have to remember this one when things go wacky for me.

DPG1 10-05-17 08:13 PM

Chiming in here, thank you for sharing this article.:thumbsup:

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