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suicidal_goth_cheerleader 08-13-06 02:16 AM

Cory is my boyfriend i got past all of my fears of being with a guy and finally decided to be with him. i really do love him. he always helps me with everything i need. he is my world. i know it sounds really childish but i want to be with him forever! :oops: well thats enough of me blabing. thank or listening!

tiggrr 08-13-06 03:14 AM

Thats so sweet!

Cory and SGC
sittin in a tree

k-i-s-s-i-n-g! :lol:

irishred 08-13-06 09:36 AM

first comes love.... (to follow tiggrr's....)

distorted innocence 08-13-06 11:54 AM

second comes marriage!!! ( if you want!!!)

not forcing you!!!

jaxcutie 08-13-06 02:34 PM

Congrats!!! Make sure and keep him in line...you know how men are. ;)

tiggrr 08-13-06 02:53 PM

What line? There's a line?... NObody told me about a line.... Men don't need no stinkin line....

jaxcutie 08-13-06 03:37 PM

Just for a Laugh
LOL. Me do need a line! Give them an inch, they think they're a freakin ruler...lol. Here's a joke for ya...

A newlywed couple were sitting in their honeymood sweet having a slight argument over what to order for dinner. The husband throws his pants to his new bride, and says "Here, put these on.". She puts them on and they are twice the size of her body. She says, "I can't wear these, they're too big." The husband replies "Exactly, only one of us can wear the pants around here and thats me. To that, the woman threw her panties at her husband and said, "Put these on". The husband struggles, but couldn't even get them up past his knees. "I can't get into your panties" he says. "Exactly" says his new bride. "And you won't until your attitude changes.

rosa_sanguina 08-13-06 03:40 PM


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