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blackrosesXbleedinghearts 01-19-14 10:41 PM

I Came Back.
Aye. I decided to come back here. After 4 years of being gone, that is...
They used to call me black roses for short.
My story is sort of long, so to keep it short... I have depression, bulimia, possible borderline personality disorder, and possible bipolar. Tonight I am truly struggling once more... the struggles have been on and off for... 4 years. Around the same time I came here for help, I guess.
I self-harm. And I've attempted suicide several times. And tonight feels like one of those nights...
Thanks for reading.

Road Ratt 01-19-14 11:23 PM

Hey blackrosesXbleedinghearts, welcome back. :roll:

blackrosesXbleedinghearts 01-19-14 11:24 PM

Eh thank you. It is appreciated.

LetItBe987 01-20-14 12:46 AM

Welcome back!

It's definitely hard to escape negative feelings sometimes. I usually try to sleep it off and hope I wake up in a more fresh state of mind, or do something to distract me - talking to someone else (about things unrelated to mental illness) can help me to think outside myself for awhile. Or maybe get things off your chest by posting them here. Please don't do anything harmful!

Just think: you were doing better for awhile, and maybe now things have slipped a bit. But if you were able to work hard to get there before, then you can definitely do it again. Feel better! :hug:

Dania 01-20-14 01:56 AM

I remember that name, blackrosesXbleedinghearts. Welcome back.

blackrosesXbleedinghearts 01-20-14 11:45 AM

Thank you both kindly.

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