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Mousey 02-21-08 09:20 PM

As some of you already know, Crims is not the biological father of the baby I just had. I was with the father for 4 years and although it was an abusive relationship, I wound up pregnant a few months after the break-up. I stopped hearing from him shortly thereafter,and the one time I did call him, he didn't even ask how the pregnancy was going. Anyway, I filed for child support a couple weeks ago and we got our paperwork a few days ago, which showed my current address. I came home the other day and found a bag of baby gifts on my porch and a card, from his mother. Crims was pissed that they showed up like that, but I thought it was nice of her, as her & I got along very well, and afterall, this is her first grandchild. I was going to call her or send her a Thank You card, I hoped to be civil...

But then....

Children & Youth showed up today. It turns out someone called them saying a mother & her baby are living in a house that is being held together by duct tape, so they had to come check things out. They found everything to be fine, of course.....but it's just the point. Yes there is duct tape around some of the windows, but the landlord did that to hold the plastic in place to keep the heat in, that's all it is! I could understand if she didn't know me, but she should know that I would never live in a place that was unfit for a child.


Now I'm pissed and don't want to be nice. I was going to let them come over and see the baby and be friendly etc....but now I just can't trust them. I'm really upset about all this and not sure what to do next, if anything. Should I contact them? Or maybe just the father? Or not bother at all? :?

Blue Girl 02-21-08 10:43 PM

how would she have known about the duct-tape? :shock:
what did she, look in your windows? :shock: :shock:

Mousey 02-21-08 11:25 PM

Oops sorry, I should've been more specific. The duct tape is on the outside of the windows. It looks bad, I do admit, but the house is certainly not falling apart. There was no need to go that far just because the house isn't pretty on the outside.

I'm wondering if I'll get a copy of the report...??? If they file one. Or will I have to call & request it?

Blue Girl 02-22-08 11:43 AM

OH! :lol: LOL!

i just assumed it was inside

anyways, don't know what you should do. maybe she was just a little overzealous looking out for her grandson? maybe she mentioned it to someone else and they called? i don't know. i know its upsetting right now, but maybe just give it some time & don't rush to react. . .

Mousey 02-23-08 05:54 PM

Now I've found out that they've called my ex-husband, trying to find out how to contact me, I'm assuming. I feel like they're stalking me.

I keep wanting to call them, but not sure of what to say. I want to tell them I'm sorry if they weren't told by the father (if they weren't) and I want to tell them I don't appreciate the call to Children & Youth and I don't appreciate them contacting my ex-husband either. And I want to also thank them for the gifts they left on my porch. So it's a mix of good & bad things. I'm so confused. I feel angry, hurt, happy, sad, and guilty, all at the same time.

Should I call them and give them my number? And should I make arrangements with them to see the baby?

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