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Knox 11-19-13 11:11 PM

Skin Picking (TMI warning)
Does anyone else here have a skin picking problem?

I would hesitate to say that I have dermatillomania because I don't think my problem is severe enough to be a disorder on its own, however it is definitely a problem and becomes quite destructive when I'm more stressed. I pick at any blemish that I have and not normal skin (another reason I wouldn't call it dermatillomania). I tend to get pimples on my face, chest, shoulders and back and I pick at them obsessively, mostly in an attempt to squeeze/pop them and subsequently when they develop scabs it's very satisfying to pick the scabs off. This results in bleeding, further scabbing and skin damage which delays the healing and often leads me to continue picking at the area. I usually pick at my face the most but I take pretty good care of my face with cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising so it tends to heal reasonably quickly, whereas my shoulders get quite dry (working on making moisturising a habit there) so take longer to heal leaving visible red marks and broken skin for weeks and months.

Feel free to discuss your own problems with skin picking here. Also if anyone has a product or regimen they use to help deal with either the picking or the after effects, please do share!

aru92 11-20-13 01:35 AM

I have the same problem but only in my back.

aru92 11-20-13 02:10 AM

About the diet: i had excelent reults drinking 4 or 5 liters of water in one day, also friuts like banana and kiwi. Ony 1 or 2 days i did that, then i go back to 2 liters of water.

Snowcake 11-21-13 03:21 PM

I've got this too, I'll pull or pick at anything that's not quite right, from popping zits and pimples to pulling dry skin off and scratching scabs away. I just cannot stop!! If anything is not perfect, I'm picking or scratching at it.
I've got no idea how to stop or anything that will help with it at all. :frown:

Knox 11-22-13 03:40 AM

:hug: I'm sorry you're dealing with it too, Snowcake. I've managed to hold back for a few days once or twice but I always go back to doing it unconsciously... it's really a difficult thing to break. I think whatever underlying problems cause the desire to pick need to be solved before the picking can be more easily stopped but that's so much easier said than done. I haven't been able to find any definitive resources about this but I'm planning to post the links in this thread if/when I do.

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